Once you get enough points for a show, movie, or person, you can become the editor of that show if it does not already have one. It is the responsibility of editors to keep their show or person pages clean and up to date, and to process submissions for their shows within 7 days.

MIA Editors
If an editor does not process their submissions within 7 days, they will be labeled as an MIA Editor. They will receive an MIA Editor PM that they must respond to within 7 days to prevent being retired from their show, episode, or person page. Once an editor is retired, the next eligible user with the highest amount of points will become editor.

If you know you are going to be away from TV.com for a prolonged period of time (vacation, death in the family, etc), please contact staff (jessicakroeber) via PM to advise them. This will prevent you from being labeled as MIA while you are away. Abuse or extended and repeated use of this benefit may result in retirement at staff’s discretion.

Trusted Users
Trusted users are users whose contributions skip the editor’s moderation queue and immediately go live. To set a trusted user, an editor can click the “Become a Contributor” link on the right hand side of their show guide. There, up to two users who have a minimum contribution score of 40 for that particular show can be added as trusted users.

If an editor would like to retire from a show page, he or she can click on the “Become a Contributor” link. There, they will see an option to retire from that page. If an editor would like to retire from a person or movie page, they can PM staff (jessicakroeber) to request retirement. Once an editor has retired from a show or person page, they cannot be the editor of that show or person again in the future.

If a user is having problems with an editor or suspects an editor is breaking TV.com rules to keep a guide, please report the issue to staff (jessicakroeber) in a PM. Staff will moderate the problems and help make any final decisions. Any editors or users found gaming will be retired and suspended or banned, depending on the situation. All staff decisions regarding editor issues are final.

Submission Moderation Guidelines
Once a user earns enough points for a show or person page, that user will become the editor of that particular page. It is then their responsibility to process submissions made to their show by other users within 7 days of it being submitted. Although staff reserves the right to make final decisions should disputes arise, there are guidelines to help editors make decisions while processing their submissions.

If editors have questions about these guidelines, we ask that you contact staff by sending a PM to jessicakroeber. Users who would like to dispute editors’ decisions can also PM staff for resolution.

Editor Queue
Editors must process any submissions in their queue in a prompt manner, and they should handle submissions in their queue before making submissions to their own shows. Submissions must be cleared within 7 days. If an editor does not process a submission within 7 days, they are considered MIA and risk being retired from their show or person page by staff.

If an editor feels that a submission should be rejected, he or she should provide the user with a clear explanation why in the comments section so that other users know how to improve their submissions.

Do not accept or post links to non-TV.com sites.

Copy / Paste Material
All summaries and biographies must be original and may not be copied from elsewhere online. Do not accept or post text in these fields that have been copied from another site. Quotes can be copied to ensure accuracy, but should always be submitted with a source.

Trivia / Notes
Trivia is any noteworthy on-screen detail, while notes occur off-screen and during the production of the episode. Both should be specific to the episode or person. International air dates may be added as a note; the air date field should reflect the US airdate. Trivia and Notes are not the place for debates. If an entry is in error, it should be deleted, along with any additional entries saying why it is wrong. Please direct users to the show community for any debates.

Quotes for episodes are dialogue between characters and should be specific to the episode, not the show. Please put the context of the quote in italics with tags. Quotes should be memorable, and we ask that the entire episode isn’t quoted. It is the editor’s responsibility to determine which quotes are memorable enough to be added, but staff does reserve the right to make any final decisions should disputes arise.

Quotes for people should be a memorable statement from the person whose page you are editing about their life, career, etc. Quotes said by that person in a movie or TV show are only allowed on the show or episode page, not the person page.

Quotes can be copied and pasted to allow for accuracy.

An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Allusions should credit the original media being referenced with as much detail as possible.

Ratings & Nielsens
Editors must accept TV ratings (TV PG, TV MA, etc.) for shows as long as it is submitted with a source. Nielsen Ratings are copyrighted material. Nielsen Ratings should not be submitted to any guide or accepted by any editor.

Guest Stars
Persons featured in historical footage typically should not be listed as Guest Stars. They can be included in Notes or the Recap.

Reviews/Episode Discussions/Show Community
Rules against Flaming, Trolling, Censor Bypassing, etc. apply to show reviews, episode discussions, and community posts. Hostile and insulting comments directly or indirectly aimed at a show's writers, producers, actors, etc., should be avoided. Any offensive post can be submitted to staff to delete via the Flag option. Negative reviews about a show are allowed and will not be moderated by staff if submitted for deletion.