How to Watch

We are first and foremost a television community website where users can come to talk about, and learn more about, their favorite shows. One additional feature we offer are videos. We do not host these videos but instead index the video links that networks and content providers have put up online. Those sites control the free or payment options for the videos, and which episodes are available to view. This does mean that not every episode will be available to view. But many are.

To see if an episode is available, head to the show page and click on the WATCH tab. For example: http://www.tv.com/shows/lost/watch/

Any episode available to view will appear there. Hover on the play button to see all your options for viewing that episode. For example:

Clicking on any of those will bring you directly to that site to watch the video. It will say if the video will be for free or for pay in the dropdown.