Listings FAQ

There are a few places around TV.com to see what's airing tonight using our Listings feature. The main Listings page is located at tv.com/listings. To see your personalized listings, click on the EDIT button at the top right hand side of the page. Enter your zip code and cable provider, then click submit to personalize your listings page.
You can choose to see HD Only channels, or toggle the time period by using the options here:

Favorite Channels
To set a channel as your favorite, click on the grey heart next to any channel on the Listings page to turn that heart blue.

You can then access those channels by selecting My Favorite Channels from the drop down. It will take a few minutes for the channels you select to appear there.

Hidden Channels
To hide certain channels from your listings page, click on the grey x that appears when you hover over a channel name on the Listings page.

To remove channels from your hidden channels list so they will show in your listings again, head to the Lists section of your profile and find the list called Hidden Channels. The URL will look like this: http://www.tv.com/users/yourusername/lists/hidden-channels. Remove channels from this list by hovering on the channel and clicking on the grey x that appears.

My TV Listings
You will notice another listings feature called My TV Listings that appears on the homepage, communities page, show pages, and more. These personalized listings show any upcoming airings of shows you have FOLLOWED on TV.com.

To follow a show, head to a show's overview page and click FOLLOW next to the show's name. To toggle your options for these listings (such as to show HD channels only), head to the LISTS section of your profile and find the list called Following. The URL will look like this: http://www.tv.com/users/yourusername/lists/following. Click on TV Listings, and then click EDIT to change your My TV Listings settings. Changing your zip code and provider here will also change that information on the main Listings page.