Submissions for Show, Episode, and Person Pages
A large portion of the information on TV.com show, episode, and person pages is submitted by users just like you! If you are interested in contributing to Community Pages, please see the guidelines for those pages here. You can submit or edit information on non-Community Page pages by clicking the “Edit” link on any show page, episode page, or person page. All submissions go through a moderation process prior to going live on the site to ensure accuracy and quality. It may take up to 7 days for your submission to get moderated by a show editor or a staff member. Show editors and staff do reserve the right to reject your submission, but they should always explain their reasons for doing so.

For all submissions, please include a link to your source material in the comments section. We do not allow linking out to websites other than TV.com in any type of submission. Whenever possible, please add/edit all the information on the form with one save. Titles of media (movies, TV shows, plays, albums, books, etc.) must be italicized, bolded, or in quotation marks. Any type of formatting can be used, as long as it’s consistent throughout the particular show, episode, or person page.


Editing Show Information
If you believe we have incorrect or missing data on a show, use the Edit button to edit or add new information. This may include the current status of the show (if it is airing or between seasons), when the show is returning for a new season, or when the show first aired. Show summaries must be original and may not be copied from elsewhere online.

Adding a New Show
If we are missing a TV show or movie that you would like to see in our listings, email us at newshows at tv.com with the show information. Be sure to add as much detail as possible, including a link to your source of information for that show. We will get the show up on TV.com as soon as we can.

Show Photos
Users cannot currently add new photos to show pages. If we have an incorrect photo, please PM staff (jessicakroeber) to let us know.


To add credits to a person’s page, please visit the show, episode, or movie page and add the person to that show or episode directly. That information will then get added to the person’s credit breakdown automatically.

A person’s biography should sum up the person’s life and career. Anything in the bio must be kept neutral and not reflect your opinions of the person. The biography must be original and cannot be copied from elsewhere online.

A quote should be a memorable statement from the person whose page you are editing about their life, career, etc. Quotes said by that person in a movie or TV show are only allowed on the show or episode page, not the person page.

Quotes can be copy/pasted for the purposes of accuracy. Q&A-type interviews belonging to websites, magazines, etc., in part or in whole, are not acceptable.

Trivia should be confirmed facts that have actually occurred, not rumors. Any information listed on the person summary form (i.e. birthdate, birthplace, etc.) should not be re-listed as Trivia. Do not submit personal information such as mailing addresses or phone numbers.

People Photos
Users cannot currently add new photos to people pages. If we have an incorrect photo, please PM staff (jessicakroeber) to let us know.

Cast and Crew

You can add cast and crew to any show or episode page. A person’s complete credit breakdown can be viewed on his or her person page.

Adding New People
If we are missing a person on TV.com, you can create them in the Cast & Crew tool on any show or episode page. Click to edit the cast or crew, and choose the Add to Cast option. You will have to first search for the name to ensure that they are not already on the site and then you will be able to Create a New Person. If the new person shares a name with an existing person page, then use a tag at the end of their name to indicate a new person: i.e. John Smith, John Smith (II).

Adding Existing Cast and Crew to a Show or Episode Page
Cast should be added without season tags in the character name. For example, Chris Pratt’s character name for Parks and Recreation should be “Andy Dwyer,” not “Andy Dwyer (Season 2+, recurring previously).”

"Uncredited" or “Voice” can be added to the Character Name in parentheses. For animated shows where all actors are voice actors, it is not necessary to add this identifier.

Animals can be added as cast members.

Person pages are specifically for individuals only. Don’t add a Company as Crew.

Importing Existing Cast and Crew
Using the Cast and Crew Import function is a quick way to import cast in at the episode level. The import list can be pulled from either the previous episode’s credits or the show credits. You cannot import cast and crew from another show. If a show has over 100 credits the Select All button will not appear when you try to import from the show level and you will need to choose each credit manually.

Show Cast and Crew
Cast at the show level should include all stars and recurring roles. Show level stars should be limited to those who appear in a significant number of episodes. For actors that appear in abbreviated roles, such as 6 episode arcs, the Recurring Role is preferred. For reality shows, hosts, contestants, and judges are acceptable.

Show Crew should be used for recurring crew who worked on a significant number of episodes. Crew members who worked on a single episode should be added to that episode only.

If you delete cast & crew from a show, you must provide a valid reason. Staff reserves the right to add back cast and crew if they deem those people necessary.

Episode Cast and Crew
Only individuals who actually appear in the episode should be listed as Cast. Users should use their discretion when determining the difference between a Guest Star and a Recurring Role. Typically, five or more appearances by the same character establishes that character as a Recurring Role.

Only crew members who worked on the episode should be listed as Crew.

Persons featured in historical footage typically should not be listed as Guest Stars. They can be included in Notes or the Recap.

If you delete cast & crew from an episode, you must provide a valid reason. Staff reserves the right to add back cast and crew if they deem those people necessary.


Editing Episode Information
If you would like to add or edit details on an episode page, click the “Edit” button to edit or add new information.

Summary / Recap
The summary and recap for an episode must be original and may not be copied from elsewhere online. A summary should contain a brief overview of the plot, and cannot contain spoilers. Episode recaps are much more detailed, and should cover every relevant plot point that happened in the episode. Both summaries and recaps should be neutral in tone. Share your opinions in reviews or community posts instead.

Trivia / Notes
Trivia is any noteworthy on-screen detail, while notes occur off-screen and during the production of the episode. For example, a goof that appears in an episode would be a trivia item while the fact that the production went over budget would be a note. Trivia and Notes are not the place for debates. Please visit the show community page for any debates.

Quotes are memorable dialogue between characters that occurs during a specific episode. We ask that important quotes only are added to prevent the entire episode from being quoted. Staff and the editor of that show do reserve the right to judge if a quote is memorable enough to be included. The quotes form contains separate fields for character name and dialogue. Put the context of the quote within parentheses () and in italics.

An allusion is an indirect or passing reference to an existing form of media, be it to another TV program, a movie, a piece of music, or a book. Allusions should credit the original media being referenced with as much detail as possible.

i.e. Sam: (to Dave) That's one small step for Sam, one giant leap for Samkind! Sam's exclamation as he climbs the tree echoes astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous first words as he planted his feet on the moon in July of 1969.

Episode Photos
Users cannot currently add new photos to episode pages. If we have an incorrect photo, please PM staff (jessicakroeber) to let us know.