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Dr. Kildare

NBC (ended 1966)

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Dr. Kildare came to television after having been an extremely successful series of movies in the 1940s. (The character had originally been created by Max Brand in a series of pulp novels). It told the story of a young intern in a large metropolitan hospital trying to learn his profession, deal with problems of the patients and win the respect of the senior doctor in his specialty, internal medicine. James see more... Kildare was the young intern, Dr. Leonard Gillespie was his stern but inspiring superior and father figure and Blair General the hospital where they worked. During the course of its five-year run, Dr. Kildare went through an evolutionary process. By the third season, Kildare was promoted to resident. Certain regular supporting characters were not seen in the subsequent seasons as the program concentrated more on the patients and their families. In the final 1965-66 season, the format changed. The show, now in colour, was aired twice a week as a half-hour program, rather than once a week for an hour.

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Episode Guide

  1. S 5 : Ep 58

    Reckoning (4)

    Air Date: 4/05/66

  2. S 5 : Ep 57

    New Doctor In Town (3)

    Air Date: 4/04/66

  3. S 5 : Ep 56

    A Strange Sort Of Accident (2)

    Air Date: 3/29/66

  4. S 5 : Ep 55

    Mercy Or Murder (1)

    Air Date: 3/28/66

  5. S 5 : Ep 54

    Travel A Crooked Road (2)

    Air Date: 3/22/66

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