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Reading Rainbow

PBS (ended 2006) | TV-Y

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Reading Rainbow is a children's series designed to promote reading comprehension in elementary school age children. Host LeVar Burton introduces the theme of the episode and the book to be profiled in an animated story using the illustrations from the book and narrated by a celebrity such as Bill Cosby, Ruby Dee, Richard Gere, and the late great stars Ossie Davis, Julia Child, Raul Julia and Gilda Radner for example. see more... After the story is finished, feature stories in the same subject as the book are profiled and youth reviewers give critiques of three additional books. LeVar usually introduces the children critics by saying, "But you don't have to take my word for it."

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Episode Guide

  1. S 21 : Ep 5

    Show Way

    Air Date: 11/10/06

  2. S 21 : Ep 4

    Game Day

    Air Date: 11/09/06

  3. S 21 : Ep 3

    Boxes for Katje

    Air Date: 11/08/06

  4. S 21 : Ep 2

    I Lost My Tooth in Africa

    Air Date: 11/07/06

  5. S 21 : Ep 1

    The Biggest Test in the Universe

    Air Date: 11/06/06

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