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Transformers Animated

Cartoon Network (ended 2009)

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The evil Decepticons have appeared in Detroit. With the all powerful Allspark, Megatron can use it to turn all of Earth's robots into Decepticons. However, Optimus Prime and his Autobots arrive and plan to stop Megatron and his evil plan in Transformers Animated. Broadcast History: "Transformers Animated" premiered on December 26th, 2007 at 8:00pm (ET) with the three-part episode "Transform and Roll Out". The series then moved to its regular timeslot of see more... Saturdays at 10:30am (ET) on January 5th, 2008. New episodes continued to premiere at that timeslot until the second season finale, "A Bridge Too Close", on July 5th, 2008. After an eight month break of new episodes, "Transformers Animated" returned with the three-part third season premiere, "TransWarped", at 8:00am (ET) on March 14th, 2009. New episodes currently premiere at its new timeslot of 8:00am (ET) on Saturdays.

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  1. S 3 : Ep 13

    Endgame: Part 2

    Air Date: 5/23/09

  2. S 3 : Ep 13

    Endgame, Part II

    Air Date: 5/23/09

  3. S 3 : Ep 12

    Endgame, Part I

    Air Date: 5/16/09

  4. S 3 : Ep 11

    This Is Why I Hate Machines

    Air Date: 5/09/09

  5. S 3 : Ep 10

    Decepticon Air

    Air Date: 5/02/09

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