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Forums: Animation: Best Female anime character.

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    Probably Balalaika and Revy from Black Lagoon.
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    From the Mangas I've read (that have been adapted into animes).

    Bleach: Rukia because shes just so awesome. I like most of the other females a lot but shes my fav. Her zanpakutouis ice powered which makes it all the more awesome for me. Shes unique and can take care of herself (unlike a lot of anime girls).I think she and Ichigo make a good match.

    Shaman King: Tamao Tamamura because she is shy and not that strong but is willing to fight no matter what. She is willing to accept the fact that she can't marry the main character and is a good sport about it. Sheis cute and not annoying just becauseshehas pink hair like Sakura from Naruto.Her gaurdian spirits are wierd and perverted but she actually has a cool power when she uses them. Plus her spirits Conchi and Ponchi remind me of Ren and Stimpy.

    Full Metal Alchemist(Brotherhood): I'm only on book eleven of the manga and I already like that cute littleChinese girl with a panda (i think her namewas May?)

    Naruto: I haven't gotten toShippuden but I think I'm a tie betweenHinataand Ino. Byakugan is pretty cool. I know Hinata is shy but that doesn't make her annoying. A lot of people think she's annoying but Sakura just sits back and yells at people so shes more useless for now. I like how she was brave enough to stand up to Neji(even though Neji's one of my favorite male characters).Ino has a pretty awesome power and she does a pretty good job at keeping Choji and Shikamaru in line.(Poor guys)

    One Piece: I used to like ViVi but now Nico is cooler. When I first heard about her power i thought it sounded kinda lame but when I saw it in action it was so awesome. She used to work with Crocodile(even though he stabbed her back litterally) so that makes her even cooler.

    Katekyo Hitman Reborn: I'm only on book 3 and Bianchi is pretty cool. She is very pretty too. She's a good middle character because Kyoko kinda annoys me butI'm kinda okay with Haru's weird antics.

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