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Forums: Animation: Looking for a Remembrance day Cartoon.

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    Hello all, this is my first time posting in the forums, but i was wondering if any one knows the name of this one Remembrance day cartoon that TELETOON was playing, it was in November 2008(i think), and the story was about a soccer team during World War 1, the team gets drafted in to the British army.... the only thing(s) i remember are near the end where the officer of the unit/battalion, tells them that; the man who kicks the soccer ball over the german lines gets an extra ration of bully beef, it is implied that they all get shot and die, but the last image is of the dying main character in a shell hole with a dying german soldier, the german soldier shows him a photo of his family, then then main character shows a picture of his soccer/football team.

    hopefully this is enough info, thanks to whom ever answeres this!

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    I don't know this toon, but I've heard of the incident it is based on--it is based on a true story! I think it was the battle of the Somme where a British soldier tried to kick a soccer ball toward the German lines, and was killed instantly! Maybe if you google WWI and research this tragedy maybe it will tell you about any stories that were based on this incident.
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    To anyone still curious, 'War Game' is the animated film this poster is likely referring to.

    War Game is a 2001 animated short film made by the British animation company Illuminated Films, and based on the Michael Foreman novel of the same name. The film included many of the same scenes listed in the book, although four new characters were created.

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