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    Fans of the two best animated series, "Lilo & Stitch" on Disney Channel and "Kid Vs. Kat" on Disney XD, will be having a grand celebration Next Wednesday morning!

    At 5:30 AM, Disney Channel will be airing the "Lilo & Stitch: The Series" All-Time Classic Fan Favorite Legendary Masterpiece, Episode #25 "Angel". Later, at 6:30 AM, Disney XD will be airing the "Kid Vs. Kat" show featuring that series' Masterpiece Episode "The Kitty Vanishes".

    For those with pix-in-pix screens on their TV, it should be noted that the main image of Angel from her starring episode (Angel in a defiant pose, smiling at the audience before the voiceover computer begins the countdown to launch the spaceship) overrules the image of the hologram of Kat's wife holding the romantic artifacts Kat thought were destroyed when his teleportation device blew up from the "Kid Vs. Kat""The Kitty Vanishes" ep.

    Angel's ep has a 'Recorder Alert' labeling, while "The Kitty Vanishes" can't be recorded due to Disney XD's pop-ups hyping other programming during the show.

    Tune in for the "Masterpiece Morning" Next Wednesday!


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