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    Hello, my name is Owen Maki. I am telling you my name because you might see it in the future in the writing credits for some TV show, and hopefully, further into the future, you will recognize my name as the creator of a cartoon that I am hoping will be a hit. I am in the Animation program at a technical college, where I am currently a sophomore. Although I am currently on the wait list for the program, I am probably getting in next year, since I am very low on the wait list as of now. So I have been panning out some ideas on what I want my animated show to be like. So far, some ideas have confirmed, while others I'm still debating on. Luckily, I've given myself a good amount of time to construct my full plan for my show-- about 10 years to be exact. I have been planning out the cartoon since the second semester of my senior year in High School, so about a year and a half now. So I have about 8 1/2 years left to work on it, which is a lot of time, but I'd like to develop my idea a little bit, because it has been more than year now and so far I only have some basic attributes of the show confirmed, along with ideas of what I want my characters to look like, and I also have some ideas of who I'd like to hire for the show, for writing, music, etc. Other than that, I'm kinda stuck. I want the cartoon to be a hit, so I am looking for other people's input on how it should be, which is why I am writing this. So here are the ideas that I have confirmed so far:

    1. The main character will be an 8 or 9-year-old girl named Mira (originally Rika), who is very energetic and charismatic.

    2. Three supporting characters I have so far are Mira's mother, best friend, and older brother.

    3. The older brother will be 16 years old and introverted.

    4. Some of Mira's misadventures will be inspired by my life when I was in 2nd and 3rd Grade, while some of the situations with the older brother will be inspired by my life in High School.

    And that's pretty much all I have planned so far in terms of the show's context. In terms of humor and style, I want my show to give off kind of a vibe to make it feel like one of those animated shows from the late '90s-early '00s that would show on Toon Disney, such as Pepper Ann and Teacher's Pet. But I don't really know whether I should make the characters humans or animals. What do you guys think? Should I make my characters humans or animals? If you think I should make my characters animals, what do you think is a fitting animal to go with the name "Mira"?

    So with all this, again, what do you think? Is there something you think I need to add to my show to make it good? Is there any idea I put out that you would change a bit? Or do you think I've got something flowing already? Remember, I need your most creative/intellectual input on this. Don't troll me by changing every idea that I have to make it more like some kind of action show or romantic drama series, and then proceed to attack my ideas. I will report your response right away if you do because it is disruptive and I will take it personally.

    So, get your ideas flowing and be creative, because I could use some help in developing this show. If you want some more details on how I want my show to be, or if you're interested in what got me into animation, read the longer version of my post in the "Shows in Development" forum. Here's the link:

    Wish me luck!

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