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    We are working on a new animation called The Bar Stewards, which will target the same market of people who enjoy adult animations such as South Park and Family Guy

    The show is about a family who run a pub. Eachep would see the family get into many surreal situations. From actual wars with their rival pubs, to alien invasion, dangerous drunken super heroes and much more. We have created a Facebook and Twiiter page that will chart the development of the new show. If you visit will be able to follow how the show is being made and the progress being achieved.

    So what do we have planned? Well the first step is to make a promo, a trailer for the proposed series/season. We already know what the episodes would be about, so in the promo we will animate scenes, as if it is a real commercial for a new TV series.The trailer will show the two main characters, twins (but total opposites) Jacob and Miller waking up the morning after the night before. Rubbing their heads they try to remember the night before, cue a montage of clips from the proposed show. Once this had been made it will be used to pitch the show to the contacts that we have in the television industry.

    Check us out and witness how a show is made.


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