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Hottest TV Cartoon Female

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    There hasn't been a really good TV Animation Poll in this Forum for a while, so I've come up with one.

    Whether it's singing a signature siren song that can turn her cousins from good back to evil, or being a former member of a music group who has a crush on one member of a duo of brothers, or being the girlfriend of an alien creature bent on transforming planet Earth into a new version of his planet, or having extensive knowledge of animals and also being a science teacher, these 4 TV Cartoon Females have one thing in common: They are H-O-T Hot to their respective fanbases.

    But which one do you think is the hottest of the hot? Cast your vote right now. Or, if you have a more finicky taste, there is the "Other" selection to choose someone else in the Hottest TV Cartoon Female roster not noted here.

    Let the red hot (literally!) battle begin!


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    Don't know any of those! Tongue out But I do think Kim Possible and Faye Valentine (Cowboy Beebop) are quite attractive.Kiss

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