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    Yes, the campaign to #BringBackToonami worked, and it's coming back a week from Saturday. That's May 26, 2012. Mark your calendars.

    No doubt Steven Blum will return yet again as Tom, but no word on Moltar nor the schedule. But we'll find out soon enough.

    Spread the word! #Toonamisbackb****es

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    I can't wait 'till they air the last season Filler episodes of Naruto after Saskue joined the sound village or whatever, THOSE WERE THE BEST! and I hope they have it as their entire programming schedule.

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    If my guess is correct, Toonami should be featuring the later "Dragon Ball Z" episodes with the "Mysterious Hero" and Majin Buu sagas in the lineup, since those sagas didn't end up in the revamped "Kai" package. And there might be Gundam and Tenchi series in the mix as well.

    It may be that the Toonami block will air from 9:00 PM TILL 12:00 Midnight Saturday nights. We'll just have to wait to find out.


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    Jason DeMarco has spoken on his Twitter.

    Fact sheet:

    Modest budget.


    No classic Toonami just yet. $$$ But trust me, they are looking into thousands of options ATM. Just be patient like I am.

    Yes, Steve Blum is retuning as Tom version 3-ish.

    Round of applauseSteve Blum is returningRound of applause

    No Sara just yet. $$$

    Not much advertising/bumping outside of Saturday nights. I guess $$$ again.

    Gundam Wing is DeMarco's favorite and he would love to see this "baddass" show come back. I love what I've seen of Gundam so far.

    Gundam Wing

    Richie Branson (Toonami, Outlaw Star, and Gundam raps) is willing to contribute music. DeMarco is open to anyone contributing their music, if you can send him your links.

    The epic story of April Fool's: DeMarco and Mike Lazzo were throwing around ideas for this year. Lazzo suggested Toonami and the rest is history. [adult swim] didn't know they'd be bringing back Toonami until after April Fool's, the ratings, the response, the Twitter discussions, the #BringBackToonami campaign and Steve Blum's participation in it, etc. None of this was planned in advance; it's all short notice, hence the budget. The only way the old shows aired for April Fool's was because it was a one-off... or so they thought.

    Ha ha!

    Classic Toonami music might pop up, like Deep Space Bass.

    No subs. Dubs only. "People change the channel when they see subtitles."

    No Moltar. C. Martin Croker is busy voicing Zorak for the revived Cartoon Planet (which also doubles as a revived Cartoon Cartoon Fridays).

    Peter Cullen is busy with the current Transformers TV series on The Hub so no epic promos. And no Don LaFontaine, either, as he's passed away.


    The "incorrect" schedule was be revealed to be correct after all. It was originally planned to be shrouded in secrecy. No, not this one!

    And two new acquisitions being introduced to Toonami are...

    Casshern Sins

    Casshern Sins

    Deadman Wonderland

    Deadman Wonderland

    No American action shows ATM. No Batman: TAS, Superman, etc. ATM. No Samurai Jack, which is on Boomerang anyway.

    For any questions I haven't answered, try weeding your way through DeMarco's tweets, or go to this thread on by some guy named rebel_cheese.

    Make sure you support Toonami by watching it = more money = more shows, CGI, Sara, classic Toonami, more ad time, Total Immersion Events, etc., etc.

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    It's about time Cartoon Network wised up & brought back Toonami! This just about makes up for the fact that particular channel has given us unwatchable dreck like Regular Show & Annoying Orange. More Anime!!

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    Whoa, I've just let this thread die on here. Embarassed

    Alright, here the schedule for...

    Toonami Week 16

    12:00/11:00 CT - Bleach #270 - "Beginning of Despair… Ichigo, the Unreachable Blade"

    Ulquiorra releases his Resurrection form to take on Ichigo and the young Shinigami soon realizes just how outmatched he is. Despite this, he refuses to give up even when Ulquiorra shows him his second release form. But in the end, can Ichigo even survive the confrontation, let alone win?

    12:30/11:30 CT - Samurai 7 #4 - "The Loner" (HD)

    After Kirara is rescued from Ukyo's abduction, Kambei decides to help them, being the first samurai recruited. Meanwhile, Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo start heading back to the base. They come across Gorobei, a street entertainer.

    1:00/12:00 CT - Casshern Sins #16 - "For the Strength to Believe" (HD)

    Casshern and Lyuze discover vast swaths of robot remains while approaching a valley. Inside, they discover that all the robots were heading to a strange circular megalith prior to their deaths. Ringo and Ohji meet up with Casshern and Lyuze, and we learn more about Ringo's past.

    1:30/12:30 CT - Eureka Seven #4 - "Watermelon" (The first episode to NOT have "Blue" in the title)

    Renton comes face-to-face with reality as his dream of being part of the Gekkostate finally comes true. However, the Gekkostate is having a serious issue with a shortage of monetary funds, which results in the whole group being broke.

    2:00/1:00 CT - FMA: Brotherhood #47 - "Emissary of Darkness"

    Ed is reunited with his father and learns more about the Promised Day as well as Hohenheim's past. Ed is also reunited with Al, but the reunion is not the joyous event it seems .

    2:30/1:30 CT - Ghost in the Shell #6 - "Meme" (Complex)

    At a press conference, the Superintendent-General makes himself a prime target for the Laughing Man's threat. Section 9 has gathered enough evidence to arrest Nanao, but before they can, he is able to release a modular, delayed-action virus.


    Also, as per Jason DeMarco (Toonami co-creator and now has an influential position at [adult swim]), the network will start advertising the block during the week Monday-Friday in the next couple weeks or so. No other details.

    A lot has happened since I last posted: Deadman Wonderland, Cowboy Bebop, and Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig ended their runs. GITS went back to "First Gig." Samurai 7 replaced Deadman Wonderland; Eureka Seventook FMA: Brotherhood's time slot; FMA took GITS's time slot; GITS took Cowboy Bebop's time slot; Bebop retired; Deadman was given a fond farewell from Tom; Bleach returned to canon (the Arrancar arc) coinciding with the schedule change. Bandai is going kaput. FrownAnd Tom last week gave us thisawesome Bleach promo:

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