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    Sorry if this has already been done I just wanna test it out. You can state your reasons forliking those namesor just post the names. Be sure to say where they're from. They can also be former villains or rivals (I Just couldn't fit that in the title). Sorry if I overused the word awesome.

    These are mine:

    10. Gary/Green from Pokemon: He was Ash's first rival and he always made him look stupid which made it all the more funny. We all can admit the pokemon anime is overated but it didn't use to be when he was around.He had fan girls, awesome pokemon, amazing catching skills, and cool hair all the things that Ash never had.He's way better than that emothick browed Paul kid from theDiamond and Pearl animethat looks just like silver from the Jhoto games. Despite the fact that he's a jerk in the game he'll always be one step ahead of yah. He even got to be the last gym leader in the Jhoto games.Though I'll admit that his manga andvideo gamecounter part Green is way cooler, Gary is still on my list.

    9. Ashley from theWario Games: A cute but evil little girl with a little devil named Red as her friend. Her mini games are usually the most fun for me.She lives in a haunted mansion and her theme song is catchy. Nuff said.

    8. Meta Knight from Kirby: Meta Knight outranks King Dedede on sooo many levels. He's awesome to play as in Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra. I didn't get to watch much of the TV show but he was really cool there too. He can sometimes be heroic and help Kirby. He uses chivalry and an awesome sword. His battle ship is cool and he's got minions. He's brave, mysterious, and …………………cute? When you defeat him his mask gets sliced off and he looks exactly like Kirby!

    7. The Joker from Batman: I'm not a big fan of Marvel so I haven't watched its movies, shows, or read the comic books. However, I did see that Batman meets Superman special and the Joker is an awesome character. He pwned both Superman and Batman once in that special. He's wacko and funny just like his cute sidekick Harley Quinn.

    6. Hao Asakura from Shaman King: Hao is win in both the manga and the anime. He always wears that cute fake smile (like Gin from Bleach or Sai from Naruto). He looks just like the main character Yoh but has longer hair and is his twin brother. He almost stole Yoh's fiancé and beat him in one of the popularity polls. He has a crack team of awesome minions especially awesome Luchist and cute Opacho. His spirit ally is the one of the strongest in the series being The Spirit of Fire.

    5. Dr.Doofensmirtz: He is so fail that he's funny. He never wins and is such a lame villain. There is always some ridiculous reason to why he's doing things be it present or past. He has his own awesome nemesis Perry the Platypus. His daughter Venessa is really pretty too. He's so goofy that you gotta love him.

    4. Deidara from Naruto: Anyone who watches Naruto has to admit they thought he was a girl. Strangely enough after they get over that a lot of girls fangirl him. His exploding clay duckies…I mean birds are so cool and so are those mouths on his hands (how did he get those?). He is one of the coolest members of the Akatsuki. Sasori was an awesome partner and Tobi was his bumbling sidekick. Even those boring filler episodes were lightened up every time you saw Deidara abusing Tobi or sending him "blasting off again." I have to give him props for trying to kill one of my least favorite characters Sasuke (sorry to those Sasuke fangirls) but it sucks that he ended up dying in the end for nothing.

    3. Mayuri Kurosutchi from Bleach: I know everyone hates him be the selfish, sadistic jerk he is but that's what makes him awesome to me. He is a character with no limits and does an awesome job at portraying a classic mad scientist. His bankai may be grotesque but it is very cool. His knowledge is so vast that he is always one step ahead of everyone as shown where totally pwns Szayel before he kills him(Poor Szayel). His poor daughter Nemu is always being abused him (Poor Nemu) . His character design (though it looks like a cross between a clown and pharaoh) is very creepy and unique and is one of Kubo Tite's (creator of Bleach) favorite characters to draw. Plus he doesn't look half bad without his make-up on. With his evilness I wonder how he ended up in Soul Society in the first place?

    2. Crocodile from One Piece: Though he's no longer a Warlord of the Sea he still deserves a special spot in our hearts being the leader of Baroque Works and the partner of the notorious and lovely Nico Robin. I'm still in the Skypiea Arc so I have no idea what happened to him or if he's gonna come back. His devil fruit powers are awesome and so is his poisonous hook. He was one of the few people in One Piece that is kinda handsome but its okay if you disagree.

    1. Draken from Kim Possible: Just like Doofenshmirtz he's a bumbling joke for a villan except he came first. It's always hilarious when he forgets Ron's name. His partner Shego is awesome. I forgot did they end up being a couple?

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    Among my favorite cartoon villain/minion/person with an evil attitude lineup:

    The Ghost Girls of 'Danny Phantom': These three were the hottest of all the spirits on that show.

    First there's Ember McLain, the rock-and-rolling spirit. She tried to mesmerize everyone in Amity Park with her music. How could you not go for her?

    Next there's Penelope Spectra, the teen therapist. She drained the cheer out of the Casper High students and also infected them with ghostly insects in order to acquire the best traits of each student in separate episodes.

    And finally Kitty, girlfriend of Johnny 13. Although Johnny really didn't think much about Kitty.

    When these three teamed up in the best "Danny Phantom" episode around, it was like a fanboy's wildest dream come true! This despite the fact Kitty blew a magical kiss that was amplified by Ember's guitar to make all the guys of Amity Park disappear. Danny wasn't affected because he was away on a fishing trip with his dad, so those two didn't know what was going on. But wow! Ember, Spectra, and Kitty- all together! (Need I mention that Tara Strong, best known for her legendary voice of Angel on "Lilo & Stitch: The Series", was the voice of both Ember and Spectra on 'Danny Phantom"!)

    ALSO, there's Gantu from 'Lilo & Stitch: The Series'. He always tried to capture Stitch's cousins in order to send them to Jacques von Hamsterviel so that evil hamster could revert them back to evil. Need I mention that among the cousins Gantu captured was the legendary Angel? It's true! Just when you think things would be looking up for Stitch, Gantu comes along and kidnaps Angel! And it wouldn't be until the final episode when Stitch has the opportunity to rescue Angel from Gantu- who by that time ended up having all the cousins he had captured for Hamsterviel returned to him after an unfortunate mishap involving Woops caused Hamsterviel to return the cousins to Gantu. But it wasn't until the movie 'Leroy & Stitch' that Gantu actually reformed and helped Stitch save his cousins from Hamsterviel and Leroy. Whew!


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    Why do I consider myself a villains fan when I can hardly think of ten villains I like?! Maybe it's because I hate the heroes. That's it. Whatever. Here's my top ten! I'm just gonna say now that this is favoritism, I'm not basing it on how awesome they are. Many of the villains on this list are actually quite pitiful. But I still love them all!

    10. Plankton from Spongebob Squarepants. Despite not liking Spongebob much anymore, I gotta say Plankton is awesome. He was one of my favorites. Not much to say elsewise.

    9. The Brain from Pinky and The Brain. Pretty awesome when it comes to villains. Not only can he sometimes be a threat, but he is also a really funny character. Usually in a sarcastic way though, you know. Well seriously. Everyone loved Pinky and The Brain as a kid (in this generation, anyway), so he had to be on the list.

    8. Kururu from Keroro Gunso. He's not really a villain though. Well, he is in a platoon full of aliens trying to take over the world, but that isn't really going anywhere. He is quite negative though and has a very sinister attitude. He's the kind of guy who thinks it's interesting when bad things go wrong and doesn't really give two cents about anything else.

    7. Chiri Kitsu from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. While she is not a villain, she's incredibly proper to the point of being freaking insane and also quite evil. She does kill Nozomu a few times from what I remember. Not to mention all the freaky looking faces she had, like her half-cry.

    6. Anyone on the Heylin Side from Xiaolin Showdown. The villains on the Heylin side were always either actual threats or complete fools. Some characters actually were both at times. Wuya comes to mind... Special props go out to Jack Spicer and Chase Young. The hilarious wimpy little moron and the completely awesome kung-fu master Chase Young. Heylin rocked. Totally.

    5. Invader ZIM. What can I say about ZIM? He's a criminally insane criminal on his home planet, and would destroy the whole planet. However, now his mind is on conquering Earth. While ZIM is evil, his own stupidity kind of balances it out. But it's still pretty awesome.

    4. Russia from Axis Powers Hetalia. You know what I'm saying. That terrible face-of-communism that Americans were afraid of during the Cold War period. He seems cute on the outside, but inside, he wants to destroy all the other nations and make them one with him. Once again, not a villain, but really close.

    3. Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb. Phineas and Ferb started out as a guilty pleasure of mine. Then the guilty mysteriously got up and walked away. But Doofenshmirtz was one of the main reasons why I watched the show. He was so awesome and funny! Also, "Curse you Perry the Platypus!"

    2. Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons. I've always loved Sideshow Bob. Alot of people do. A funny character, somewhat threatening (sometimes), and awesome hair. What more do you need?!

    1. Vendetta from Making Fiends. ~Vendetta! Vendetta! You are my friendetta~!~ I love Vendetta. She's hilarious, she's got a whole town -1 fearing her, she's epic. She's like, that villain who won, but then got it taken all away when the stupid blue girl, Charlottecame into town. And now Charlotte is taking over her life. She's freaking suicidal sometimes. She. Just. Can. Not. Stand. Goodness. That's how evil she is.

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    10. Uchiha Itachi - I just needed to fill someone in here.

    9. Crocodile - One Piece has a whole slew of memorable and unforgettable villains, but Crocodile is the one that stands out the most to me. His reign lasted for several arcs and never once have I have been so emotionally angry at a fictional character.

    8. Zuko - Avatar is a show that took the anime style and incorporated it with the execution and polish of a western cartoon. Almost like the Vegeta of the western cartoon world.

    7. Toguro - Dragonball Z influenced an entire genre, but Yu Yu Hakusho was the one that set the standard for excellence. Part of the reason is for its richly engrossing characters, from its main characters to its antagonists, especially Toguro.

    6. Plankton - A guy that fits the bill for those villains that always try to steal something but ALWAYS fail in the end. What makes Plankton different though is that it's amazingly humourous how such a small little character could come up with such devious and hilarious plans.

    5. Tohru - Yes he became a good guy after the first season in Jackie Chan Adventures, but I think the first season is a standard that the rest of the cartoon has failed to live up to, and Tohru was just an unforgettable villain.

    4. Hibari - I just started watching Home Tutor Hitman Reborn! just recently, but this guy QUICKLY rose the ranks on my list. 3. Sesshoumaru - I think Inuyasha might be the most overrated shounen in the world, but I think highly of its characters, most particularly Sesshoumaru. He's the one that set the trend for those emotionless calm and cool collected villains (Byakuya from Bleach for example).

    2. Piccolo - Not many people remember Piccolo as a villain since Dragonball Z got popular right after he fixated himself as a good guy. Something I've always liked about him; he was like another Vegeta, but more calm and cool headed.

    1. Dinobot - He was my first favourite "Vegeta" type of character; an anti hero who used to be a former villain. Though what separated him from other characters of his archtype is...actually mentioning it would be a huge spoiler.
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    Is Katekyo Hitman Reborn the same thing as Home Tutor Reborn? I just started reading the manga and I kinda like it. My favorite characters so far are Yamamoto, Lambo, Reborn, I-pin, Gokudera, Bianchi, Hibari, and Dr.Shamal. The others are ok though but Kyoko kinda annoys me.(I'm only on book three still)

    And to Speckledorfed I finally get it when someone says "Become one with Mother Russia." My friend shoves that in my head and she just started reading Axis Powers Hetelia.(sorry if I spelt it wrong)

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    Yeah it's the same, I just choose to say Home Tutor instead of Katekyo cause I never bothered trying to memorize the how to spell the original Japanese name title lol.
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    I'm too lazy to really think about all the villains I have seen in the past, so I'll stick with the basic ones I already know by heart.

    10. Dick Dastardly: This guy helped set a standard for the most recurring villain in one show, as well as being the inspiration for some if not most cartoon villains we see nowadays. Fans of Wacky Races will never forget his many crazy schemes to be in first place and ultimately fail miserably in the end, nor will they forget his lovable canine sidekick, Muttley. Hopefully I wasn't the only one actually rooting for him to win the race on most occasions.

    9. Terrorsaur: As much as I loved Dinobot on Beast Wars, the only one deserving to be on my list would have to be his former subordinate Terrorsaur. This guy can be unpredictable most times, jumping from one side of the fence to the other on whether or not to follow Megatron or gain power for himself to dispose of him and take control. It was a shame to see him get killed off way too soon in order to keep Waspinator around. Terrosaur was seemingly always the more interesting of the Predacons to me.

    8. Frieza: This guy was the personification of a power-hungry dictator/ruler. He even went as far as to commit genocide on his most powerful of soldiers in order to preserve his own rule and survival. Too bad for him he missed a few. He pretty much committed genocide again in order to fulfill his wish for immortality. In fact, this is a guy who would pretty much commit genocide over whichever planet he happens to come upon and puts it up for sale on the Intergalactic Black Market. If that ain't villainous, I don't know what is.

    7. Dr. Facilier: The most recent of Disney Villains. This guy had a style and flair that reminded me of Jafar in a way, but Facilier took it over the top and made him more interesting as a character and as a villain. He desired two things; money and power. He went to very far means in order to achieve himself just that, even if it meant feeding the souls of all of New Orleans to a bunch of voodoo spirits that pretty much supplies with the power he already has.. He also seemed to prey on his victims' own wants and desires in order to ensure his own wants and desires, kind of like Ursula from Little Mermaid. Unlike most Disney villains who have minions to do their bidding, his minions in question pretty much puts the pressure on him. He's their pawn instead of the other way around, and in the end, it all comes back to bite him a good one.

    6. Chernabog: This guy is pretty much Disney's version of the Devil, himself. That in itself is 'nuff said.

    5. Scar: Disney's version of Hitler pretty much in some ways. He was full of pride and jealousy, and lusted for power and went as far as to kill his own brother in order to gain that power, pretty much the most heinous of sins you can commit. What he did with this power afterwards made him sink even lower on the evil scale. And who else could turn a pack of hyenas into the Third Reich, seriously? Scar turned out to be a cowardly one as well as the movie goes on. Even trying to pin all the blame on his loyal hyena soldiers in order to save his own furry behind. That went horribly for him in the end.

    4. Cell: What really set this guy apart from the other DBZ Big Baddies is the fact that he's practically made up of pretty much every major DBZ character to date by that time. He had their strengths at his advantage as well as their weaknesses to be exploited upon. His strengths are self-explanatory, he also could use his opponents weaknesses against them. One good example would be Vegeta by utilizing the Saiyan Prince's pride and ego to persuade him into letting Cell achieve his perfect form in order to give Vegeta a "stronger opponent". Another thing about Cell was his own ego, arrogance, and mindset after finally reaching Perfection. He sought to destroy all those he deemed to be "Imperfect" which was pretty much everyone and anything else besides himself. He saw everyone as being inferior to him and it wasn't hard to blame him at the time. In the end, though, he met a harsh reality that nothing is perfect.

    3. Gaston: Yep, the guy from Beauty and the Beast is on here. I'm going to take a few things from what the Nostalgia Critic said in his reasonings for mine. Gaston's overall appearance as a whole can be deceiving to most. He can be this strong, muscular, cro-mag-non of a guy who most people would suspect to be the hero of the story by just judging him by his outer appearance alone. He looks like the stereotypical prince charming-savior of the princess, but underneath that "beauty" lies something very ugly in itself. He has the mindset of being God's gift to women as well as having the mindset of a sexist in general. He sees women, in particular Belle, as a prize to be won. He too went to great lengths to achieve his goal of winning Belle's hand in marriage. He also believed he was the personification of perfection, but like Cell, he was given a harsh reality check as well.

    2. Edgar Ross: Pretty the only video game villain on this list. I probably would've thought of more, but he was the only one that came to mind since I have just recently finished playing Red Dead Redemption. This guy embodied hypocrisy on many levels like most corrupt law enforcing officials, but his means of doing so set him apart from most on my list. Kidnapping a man's wife and son in order to extort him into doing his dirty work of catching a few outlaws on the loose and seemingly taking credit for all of it. Ross is basically and typically the "Above The Law"-type, going to any length to ensure his vision of order and peace. He also represented and symbolized the continuing theme of "federal government manipulation" in the game during that time in the world. His views of justice all culminates in the end, but I won't spoil it for everyone, but you might find yourselves in tears once you see it (even I shed some manly tears) and would light a spark in your being to do whatever it takes to kill this guy and truly make him suffer in the end.

    1. Judge Claude Frollo: Now this guy is pretty unique among villains(especially Disney villains) in that he doesn't really lust for power or wealth or other such materialistic desires. He lusts for a certain gypsy woman. He wants her to be his no matter what it takes to get her to finally acknowledge him. He's also my favorite among the Disney villains(right beside Chernabog) because he serves a sort of religious taboo on Disney's part, making him quite the controversial character. His very religious background and religious-driven desires is what sets him apart from other Disney villains. He truly believes he's doing what God wants and only seeks further 'salvation' through wiping out the gypsies from Paris, even if it means burning down all of Paris and taking the lives of many innocents in the process! This is what brings him to the crossroads of his life: give in to his lust for Esmerelda and accept his supposed 'damnation' or be the man of God he thinks he is. Either way, it won't look too good in the end. He is also unique as he is seen as a religious hypocrite in ways seen throughout the movie. He also treated Quasimodo like dirt for the most part and almost killed him as a baby in the first place. Also, his villain song, "Hellfire" is badass(especially for a song and movie made by Disney).

    So yeah, that's my list. I only wish I could've given it more thought, but it's late at night right now and I'm beat.
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    No particular order.

    Dick Dastardly
    Aptom (from The Guyver)
    Bergu Kattse (from Gatchaman) (AKA Galactor, AKA Zoltar, AKA Solaris)

    That's about all I can think of right now.
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    I have many favorite Animes, but the overall choice of a favorite character happens to be Shippo, the little kitsune (fox demon) from InuYasha.

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    They are asking what your favorite "bad guy" is from any show.
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    1. Dr. Eggman a.k.a Dr. Robotnik (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic X)
    2. Vilgax (Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force)
    3. Will Harangue (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
    4. Aggregor (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien)
    5. Alice (The Penguins of Madagascar)
    6. Vicky (The Fairly OddParents)
    7. Plankton (SpongeBob SquarePants)
    8. Negaduck (Darkwing Duck)
    9. Mechanicles (Aladdin: The Series)
    10. Don Karnage (TaleSpin)
    11. Princess Morbucks (The Powerpuff Girls)
    12. Azula (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    13. Myotismon (Digimon Adventure)
    14. Shredder (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
    15. Fat Cat (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
    16. Mandark (Dexter's Laboratory)
    17. Van Kleiss (Generator Rex)
    18. Chase Young (Xiaolin Showdown)
    19. Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible)
    20. Demona (Gargoyles)

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