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    I was attempting to add the contestants for a game show, but when I went to add the people, I had to choose from a drop down list that didn't included "contestant" as an option.

    Can this be changed to included the category "contestant"? How else can the contestants be added to those shows?

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    From a few years back, staff noted that non-stars aren't supposed to be added.

    TV.Com's primary intent is to focus on TV stars: people who work primarily in the TV industry. This includes actors, crew, and reality-show "actors."

    With this in mind, the following policy is now in place:

    Someone who does not work primarily in the TV industry should not be listed a guest cast member for any show unless they have three or more televised appearances. They should typically be added as a Note for the show(s) they appear in. (If they are listed in the title or summary, a Note isn't necessary.)

    So unless they're appearing three or more times, you shouldn't be listing any contestants.

    Otherwise it's not clear if you're trying to enter them as cast or crew. They wouldn't be Crew, which is probably why you can't find a Contestant crew type. If you enter them as cast, you'd select Guest Star from the dropdown and enter Contestant as their role.

    Hope that helps.
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