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    TV.Com's primary intent is to focus on TV stars: people who work primarily in the TV industry. This includes actors, crew, and reality-show "actors."

    With this in mind, the following policy is now in place:

    Someone who does not work primarily in the TV industry should not be listed a guest cast member for any show unless they have three or more televised appearances. They should typically be added as a Note for the show(s) they appear in. (If they are listed in the title or summary, a Note isn't necessary.)

    Editors should not approve any such guest cast submissions or submit themselves. If they have already done so, they should go through and delete these submissions from the guest cast listings and add as Notes.

    Once the non-TV star in question has three or more Appearance Notes, please delete those Notes and add the person's guest cast appearances. Use Comments to indicate what you are doing and why.

    Video and archival footage appearances should never be entered as a guest cast member.

    For a sporting event, team members should not be listed as main stars or guest cast members.

    An athlete's sports stats, if they are currently playing, should be placed in Trivia and limited to year, and only after each season is over. If their career has ended, their lifetime stats should be listed in the biography.

    A musician's or band's current discography should be listed in the biography, with any additional album releases added in Trivia as appropriate. If their career has ended, then their complete discography should be listed in their biography.

    If you find a non-TV Star with three or less Appearances, do not submit anything for them. Your submissions will be rejected.

    If you find a non-TV Star with inappropriate Appearances, please submit to the episode/show, deleting them as a guest cast member and adding them as a Note. Use Comments to indicate what you're doing and why. Then please PM a staff member like danmod or jaxiecracks and notify them that the page should be deleted.

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