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    I was just trying to ask a question about what tv show or soap opera. I do NOT know what it would be considered if you want to get technical. It might of been sunset beach or one of those. What is that considered? - soap opera or show?

    I got notice that I was in violation of terms because I did not have it in the right category. I am new to this site & can't seem to find a way to put my question. I am just trying to ask a simple question to see if anybody knows what soap opera/tv show & episode it is that I'm looking for.

    Like I said it was or something like sunset beach & a woman didn't want her younger sister to like a guy so she faked it like she liked him & had him wear diaper & walked out of the room knowing her sister was going to walk in then & was hoping when her sister saw him in a diaper she wouldn't like him. The younger sister still liked him but the guy wanted to be with the older sister & the younger sister tried to kiss him so he bit into an onion so he'd have bad breathe so he the younger one wouldn't want him & he'd wait for the older one to come back in. Then the younger bit into the onion too. I didn't get to see what happened after that. I don't know what show/soap opera it was. I wanted to see what it was & if it's actresses I like then I'd buy if it I can't rent it on the internet.

    Why was I being held in violation of terms just for that? I just had a simple question. Instead of putting my question in the right category - it said it got deleted. Maybe you could point me in the right direction.


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    Staff can't move posts from forum to forum. I don't think. If they could, then you wouldn't know where to find it.

    Most likely it should have gone in the General TV Discussion Forum.
    Edited on 09/14/2013 4:35pm
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