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    So I've got these two shows I have a vague memory off that I think I may have watched early to mid ninties and so far everyone including Google has no idea what I'm talking about so I'm hoping someone here better versed in TV shows than me can help me out.

    The first show, (now I'm not sure if this is a dodgy memory making stuff up) I'm pretty sure was 3D animated and was like a 10min show that revolved around insects. There was two worlds, the 'good' world where the was rainbow flowers and it was like garden and the insects were bright and colourful and of course nice to each other. And there was the 'bad' world where it was like a factory, and it was all brown and dirty and everything was ruled by this queen ant I think it was and they all worked like robot drones. I think the main plot was the queen ant was trying to industrialise the garden world. I could be wrong about the main plot but there was a sub plot where the Prince goes to the garden world and finds he likes that world better than his mother's world so he ends up helping the garden insects.

    The second show I don't remember much all. What I do remember was some sort of parallel universe thing going on and one of the places was like an empty street of a town, another place which they always kept coming back to was like a circular room with windows running along but all you saw was white light behind them. And there was some sort of find something mission and they would find one piece an episode. And the female protagonist from what I can remember didn't seem to know there was an antagonist (also a woman) chasing after her. And when she came to a piece that the antagonist had got to first she couldn't understand why it was gone. I think they were trying to find pearls or some crystals.

    I'd appreciate any help anyone can give me. Thank You

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    Not sure about the first one, but the second one kind of sounds like T-Bag and the Pearls of Wisdom. The main girl was called Sally and she was looking for the Pearls of Wisdom. She would leave from a curiousity shop in a small seaside village. This website: has a fairly comprehensive run-down of all the different T-Bag shows and you can definitely see clips on YouTube.

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