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    Ok, so I've been hit with some nostalgia recently and I remember watching his animated show around the time of 2003-2009 (not sure on the dates but definitely in between those two). I believe it was aired on YTV during prime time. From what I can recall it was centered on these 3 preteens(?) who were able to travel to different worlds in a cyberspace I believe. I know that one of the characters in it was a computer program or an AI of sorts and there was a romantic relationship between her and one the human characters. I remember specifically that the AI/computer program/cyberspace entity said to the boy she was in love with that she wanted to "kiss and touch". They also had to the ability to turn back time or change it in some way that normally occurred at the end of the show (I believe). I have looked everywhere for the name of this show but cannot find it. I know it sounds pretty vague but I will not rest until I find out this useless trivia from my childhood.

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