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Forums: Children: Can't Find This TV Show Anywhere...

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    I can't remember much since I was about four or five [making it about... 2004/2005 when it was on] and it's just nagging at me.

    I remember the opening title thing was puppets/toys in all black and white... And there were lots of different 'sketches'/episodes. I was passing through while my cousin watched it, then it was getting dark so I sat and watched it. The only one I remember is this:

    A boy doesn't like/is afraid to go to sleep and plays his drum. [I can't remember if it's narrated, has audio or is silent] And when he does go to bed I think he plays in his room... And this thing/person comes in through his window [I think there was a zoom/close-up of him coming down from the sky and through his window- and he takes his eyes like a twisted sandman. And then feeds the eyes to a nest of birds or something, he might have referred to them as his children. And then it shows the boy with no eyes.

    I liked it, and I can't find it anywhere. It's as if it never existed. Does anybody know what it's called/where it's from? They're all short episodes in one I think. It may have been a stop motion animation, it reminds me of Tim Burton to think back to...

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