Forums: Children: Has children's TV now become not as educational as it used to be?

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    When I was a kid in the 90's I remembered watching TV shows that were educational for homework projects and I would actually learn stuff and there was shows like Bill Nye The Science Guy that actually taught kids about science in a great and comedic manner and then there was Reading Rainbow where you could learn about the hottest new books that were hits during the 80's and 90's and for world history you could watch Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego and learn about different cultures. But have you noticed that Children's TV today hasn't become as educational as it was in the 80's-90's ? Take for instance when you turn on Discovery Kids all you see is comedy shows like Darcy's Wild Life and drama shows like Flight 29 Down and the only educational show that kids actually learn is Bindi The Jungle Girl and to me when that show aired was just a way to make Bindi Irwin a superstar to honor the late Steve Irwin and because of the show's success it made Bindi a movie star by making her debut in the newest Free Willy movie. Another thing I have noticed about children's educational TV is if you watch any kids show that involves animals all that you'll see is scene upon scene of animals dying or getting attacked or hurt now how is that supposed to teach kids about animals? I can remember when I would watch educational kids TV that the animal shows were wonderful and taught about animals in a good way. To me Children's TV should have it's own educational hourand believe me it would be a success on each network,

    Do You Agree,


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    I loved reading rainbow. They have some shows that are still educational. Dora the explorer, Sesame Street, and there is one show of

    this little boy with dreads that goes to kindergarden and learns different things.

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    I think they still have a lot that are educational. You just have to know which ones to look for and you also have to know which kind of education that you're looking for. Some are purely focused on social skills, others are for reading and there are some that teach math, while others mix elements of those.
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    On networks like CN programming isn't entirely meant to be educational. It's meant to be entertaining to the children of that generation. Bill Nye entertained kids by doing wacky stuff while attempting to teach kids Science ( Though I doubt a lot of kids remembered what he said afterwards) so he got to stay on the air longer.

    and they still have that stuff, it's called PBS and the internet.

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    Personally, I don't want t.v shows or t.v charcaters to educate, I want them to entertain. I don't agree with what some characters do in shows, but hey that's what makes the whole concept fun.

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    My daughters (ages 7 and 9) actually look for shows that have some educational value as well as entertainment. Some of the shows they like are "Word Girl", "Wild Kratts", "Electric Company", "Ruff Ruffman" and "Cyberchase". For the record, they have NEVER liked "Dora the Explorer" or "Spongebob Squarepants".

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