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    This is going to be an interesting question. Between 1993-1995 I lived in Papua New Guinea, and one of the networks we got was ANTV from Indonesia. The programs were from around the world, though. Two shows are what I'm after. I'm not sure that the shows were new; in fact, I think they may have been made a few years earlier.

    The first one I believe was a French show (although, it might have been a French broadcast of a Canadian show). It was based around two teenagers who I believe were brother and sister. They had their own radio show that they did out of their bedroom; however, it was a secret that they kept from their parents. The radio equipment was made out of meccano and such, and they would swing it out of the way when their parents came into the room. I think they solved crimes as well.

    The other show was animated. Again, I believe this might have been French (might have been French broadcast of a Canadian show). The shows were different each week and I believe they were each about the origin of a nursery rhyme or something along those lines. In my head, I can remember the Clair de Lune episode.

    I know that this is kind of vague; but, it's been annoying me for a while now. I need some help and I hope you guys are the ones who can supply it.

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    I don't know the first, but the second show you're looking for was called The Real Story Of... It was a French/Canadian co-production that showcased a fictional origin for various songs, nursery rhymes, etc. I remember a couple of more episodes: Rain, Rain Go Away; Oh, Christmas Tree; Here Comes the Bride; Happy Birthday to You; Itsy Bitsy Spider; Sur le pont d'Avignon; Frere Jacques; Three Little Kittens.

    There's little to no information about it on the internet, apart from one or two articles on Wikipedia [link for The Real Story of Happy Birthday to You entry] and the full Itsy Bitsy Spider episode has been available for a while on a popular video website.

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