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Forums: Children: Remembering the Golden Days of PBS Kids.

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    [1]Jul 12, 2012
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    PBS Kids has been out of the spot light in children's programming lately since the late 2000's as more kids have paid attention to cable television. PBS Kids shows Sesame Street really left a mark on kids pop culture. This thread is to remember about and post about your favorite PBS Kids shows.

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    I remember seeing the very first episode of "Sesame Street". I loved it (I was about 6) and never missed it. I remember watching it, followed by "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood", "The Electric Company" and "ZOOM". A huge chunk of my childhood is connected to these shows. My daughters have watched SS (sometimes still do, even tho the oldest is 9), have loved some Mr. Rogers' DVDs I have, and love the new "Electric Company", so what goes around comes around.

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