Forums: Children: Will Disney make a channel that features all Disney movies?

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    With TV channels such as HBO Starz and Encore and Showtime being the popular movie channels in TV right now here's an idea that would be a success that would appeal to children and families that I think Disney would consider in the future. A 24 hour Disney movie network that would work miracles for Disney indeed. The channel would show classic Disney Movies such as Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella and Alice In Wonderland Sleeping Beauty Bambi and many other classic Disney Movies to the Disney movies of today such as The Little Mermaid Beauty And The Beast The Princess And The Frog Treasure Planet and other favorite Disney movies. Disney's movie channel would also show the underrated movies such as Pete's DragonThe Parent Trap The Apple Dumpling Gang The Rocketeer Follow Me Boys and Flight Of The Navigator and would attract children and adults very well and there would also be a show hosted by Leonard Maltin that would talk about the newest Disney movies that will soon be in theaters to keep up with the latest Disney movies out there,

    Would you let your children and your family watch a Disney movie channel and would a 24-hour Disney movie channel be worth watching?,


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    Well that's how the Disney channels were in the beginning when they first came out on cable and sat. But over time I guess the Disney wanted to make more money so they started to separate content in to other Disney specialty channels like other establishments. Then they started to add those crappy reality shows and teen puppy love soap opera crap and its all gone down hill from there. You are better off getting unlimited internet and watching the shows you like on that. Saves you money and grief in the long run.

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