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    Family Guy is amazing. I love when Peter will tell a story and it shows the flashback of the story he wasreferringtoo. You have to be smart and pay attention to catch all of the jokes. It has the basis of an amazing show.

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    I'd say it's gone down hill. They've changed the characters too much in my opinion.
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    Two and a Half Men is an American television sitcom that premiered on CBS on September 22, 2003. Starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones, the show was originally about a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie Francis Harper; his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan's growing son, Jake. Charlie's free-wheeling life is complicated when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie's beach-front Malibu house. The series' premise was revamped in the ninth season, focusing on Alan moving on with his life after the death of Charlie with help from his new best friend and housemate, Walden Schmidt (Ashton Kutcher), who is also dealing with his own troubles following a bad divorce. Alan, Walden, and Jake eventually bond, becoming close friends, forming a surrogate family unit.
    In 2010, CBS and Warner Bros. Television reached a multi-year broadcast agreement for the series, renewing it through at least the 2011–12 season. However, on February 24, 2011, CBS and Warner Bros. decided to end production for the rest of the eighth season due to Sheen entering drug rehabilitation and making "disparaging comments" about the show's creator and executive producer, Chuck Lorre. Sheen was officially fired from the show on March 7.The ninth season premiere, "Nice to Meet You, Walden Schmidt", killed off Sheen's character and introduced Ashton Kutcher as Walden Schmidt, his replacement.
    In 2011, a news article in The New York Times called it "the biggest hit comedy of the past decade."
    On May 1, 2012, CBS announced Two and a Half Men had been renewed for a tenth season, with all the remaining cast returning. $215 $74

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    I think most would think it is bad, and I am with the majority. the show can be very offensive.
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    Family Guy started out as a pretty obvious imitation of The Simpsons. It struck me, and I think most people who checked it out back in its first iteration (before being cancelled) as "The Simpsons for people who don't get the deeper references and irony of the The Simpsons." In other words, when Bart watches Itchy and Scratchy and laughs, the Simpsons fan laughs bitterly at the irony of Bart finding such awful violence funny. The Family Guy fan laughs at the violence along with Bart, and thinks it would be awesome if Itchy and Scratchy really were a show. This clear distinction between the two shows allowed Simpsons fans to dismiss Family Guy as a clearly inferior show, and they were right - that is, until The Simpsons itself started to show many of the traits they disdained in Family Guy - random jokes, no plot, low humor, etc. This is what most Simpsons fans recall as the Dark Ages for the show - around seasons 10 to maybe when The Simpsons movie came out (it's a matter of opinion when this period started and ended). Now, given a choice between two random, silly fart-joke shows, many saw Family Guy as the better show - on that playing field, it was, certainly. Recently, The Simpsons has actually recovered somewhat, and has a much more coherent plot structure than before, and has made great strides in bringing back the social commentary and ironic humor that made it great.

    I think Family Guy often has funny one-off jokes. No doubt. I have laughed at it many times. But I will never see it as a "great" show or anything other than a throw-away pop culture diversion. For one thing, the writing is lazy to the point of plagiarism. Family Guy relies on a regular habit of re-staging other pop culture moments exactly, frame-for-frame, without even any parody or a twist. Also, to throw out random jokes without linking them to a coherent plot is lazy. It is not, as Seth McFarlane has tried to suggest, some kind of intentional "improvisational style" done deliberately - it is just a dumb and easy way to write. I can honestly say I have rarely watched an entire episode of Family Guy in one sitting, because there is no need to. There is no "story" to speak of, you are just watching a string of one-liners and cut-aways. So your attention can go in and out as you wish, without losing anything. This is definitely not the case for the other, good shows like The Simpsons (when it has been good) and South Park. Their best episodes leave you genuinely moved emotionally, as well as laughing.

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    good prefer The Cleveland Show, big bang theory or how i met your momma

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