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Forums: Comedy: Questions about Amy Sherman-Palladino.

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    [1]Mar 31, 2012
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    I love love love the quick comedy in the Gilmore Girls, and I am EXTREMLY depressed that I cannot find a show with a similair since of humor..(Recommendations appreciated).
    All shows I seem to find are just full of crude humor and sex jokes nothing witty and quick and meangingful.....
    Anyways I was looking up my Sherman-Palladino wondering if maybe she madeother shows in thepast, or if shewas going to make more shows with comedy like GG. I found this article.


    But cant find anything, was this show cancelled?

    I kept looking and then found out
    that according to this article


    Palladino gets new HBO show, but just like the other show, I cannot find anything about this one either?

    Any help is Greatly appreciated.
    I just want a show that will make me laugh and think like GG did.

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    [2]May 14, 2012
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    When it comes to the type of well-written loaded subtlety-comedic dialogue that was in Gilmore Girls, there's not much on TV currently that compares. For me personally, the only drama with subtle comedy that gels for me currently is the Canadian show Republic of Doyle but its a type of comedy all its own--not really like Gilmore Girls. However, that being said, the just-renewed Hart of Dixie, has a lot of the same feel as Gilmore Girls and a lot of the same components. It's female-centred though has well-written male characters too, plenty of individualistic eccentric characters, a fair bit of subtle humour, great romantic pairings, good use of setting and overall good storylines. It's worth giving a chance.
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