Forums: Comedy: Which one of these comedies should I start watching?

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    [1]Nov 15, 2011
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    30 rock or It's always sunny in philadelphia?

    And I really only have time to add one more show to my awfully big list of shows I follow. So Which one is better and wy? =)

    Grateful for any help! =)

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    [2]Sep 21, 2012
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    i tried to watch those shows but really couldn't get into them. but i do like 2 broke girls, dont mess with the b in apt 43,big bang theory and mike and mollyi really like. also like robot chicken, futurama, ugly americans, south park and just to let you know my age, i'm 60 and really love these shows.

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    [3]Oct 1, 2012
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    30 Rock is a good show, and I'm about to start watching It's Always Sunny myself. It's Always Sunny is about to start it's eigth season in October (it currently has 84 episodes), and 30 Rock is about to start its seventh and finla season this week (it currently has 125 episodes). Both are very different types of comedies, and neither is really a traditional sitcom. I think it depends what type of humour you're into as to which you prefer, 30 Rock is loosely based off Tina Fey's time writing for Saturday Night Live (heightened for comedic value, obviously), and feature a lot of celebrity guest stars (often making fun of themselves) and lots of jokes involving television, the media industry etc. It's Always centers of the often outrageous and unbeleivable antics of four self-centered friends who run an Irish pub.

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    [4]Jan 19, 2013
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    Haven't watched more than the first episode of 30 Rock as it didn't immediately grab me but I hear very good things.

    It's Always Sunny though in my opinion is the best comedy around, its all personal taste but I've seen every episode at least a couple of times. And amongst a large group of my friends its loved, which considering it doesn't air over here in the U.K. is pretty impressive.

    My other favourite comedies (so you can get an idea of whether my opinions might match yours): Arrested Development, Community, Parks and Rec, Southpark, Freaks and Geeks, Peep Show (British and hilarious), Curb your Enthusiasm, Robot Chicken and Firefly (if it counts which I reckon it does).

    Also am watching Go On, House of Lies, Archer and Eastbound and Down to varying levels of satisfaction.

    Anyway it may take a few episodes for all the characters to really start shining (something I often find with comedies) but once they do it is brilliant TV. Couldn't recommend it any more highly, plus the stars are the creators/writers so I think they deserve more credit than most other comedy ensembles.
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