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Jul 15, 2017
"Revival" - Cleverman S02E01 Review
"Revival" - Cleverman S02E01 Review (spoilers)
Jul 15, 2017
"Whiskey Lullaby" - Wynonna Earp S02E06 Review
"Whiskey Lullaby" - Wynonna Earp S02E06 Review (spoilers)
Jul 14, 2017 In The Strain
The Strain Returns!
The Strain Returns! (spoilers)
Jul 14, 2017
"Pequod" - The Mist S01E04 Review
"Pequod" - The Mist S01E04 Review (spoilers)
Jul 14, 2017 In Zoo
"Ten Years Gone" - Zoo S03E03 Review
"Ten Years Gone" - Zoo S03E03 Review (spoilers)
Jul 14, 2017
Salvation - Pilot Verdict

Yup that's right folks, this is a verdict and not a really a review! Why? Salvation is merely passable Summer filler and there's just not much to say about it. Reviewers are doing a grand job of talking nonsense just to fill up a page. You won't get that here, so smile. :)

It's a totally unoriginal concept, you know, the one where an asteroid is on a collision course with earth and a band of heroes try and stop it in 186 days. You'd be better off watching Deep Impact or Armageddon again, saving yourself a good 10hrs off this 13 episode series.

However, if like me you are desperate for something to watch, then so far it's not the miserable, time-stealing, thief that Riviera was.

I leave you with the trailer below, which is far superior to the pilot, and a poll to ...Read more
Jul 13, 2017 In Futurama
Still pumping?
Good news Everyone!

So, is this community still pushing strong?
Or did it die with the show? :'(
Jul 13, 2017
"The F-cking Dead" – Blood Drive S01E05 Review
"The F-cking Dead" – Blood Drive S01E05 Review (spoilers)
Jul 12, 2017 In Suits 2011
Patrick J. Adams on Directing Suits’ 100th Episode and What’s Next for Mike and Rachel
Patrick J. Adams talks Suits Season 7, directing the 100th episode, and more. Read on for the interview!
Tell-Tale TV
Jul 12, 2017 In Americas Got Talent
Season 12: Audition 6

First of all, while I will admit that the ninjas with the fruit weren't the best of their kind, it was still better than some of the acts that DID make it...Oh well, I guess this is Simon's punishment for buzzing Sirqus Alfon in the last episode...

12: Mirror Image. My GOD, were these guys obnoxious! This is quite possibly my least favorite act so far! They might be even worse than a lot of the rejects! The singing didn't sound half bad at first, but then I noticed that it was actually quite pitchy, and since the two sound so similar, the harmony just didn't work! The dancing was ridiculous, and not in an interesting way like Pumpkin Man (yeah, he will probably end up being this year's joke act to make the live shows, and even HE was better!) The judges acknowledge ...

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