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Jul 05, 2017 In Dcs Legends Of Tomorrow
15 Leading TV Superheroes from DC and Marvel
These 15 superheroes will always be on our shelves, in our hearts, or on our screens. See which ones made the list!
Tell-Tale TV
Jul 03, 2017
"Show and Tell" - The Mist S01E03 Review
"Show and Tell"- The Mist S01E03 Review (spoilers)
Jul 03, 2017
The Green Hornet Review - S01E05 and S01E06
The Green Hornet Review - S01E05 and S01E06 (spoilers)
Jul 02, 2017 In Hannibal 2012
Hannibal, 1x2 Photo Recap
The episode opens with Will practicing his gun shooting skills.

But then someone unexpected shows up.

It's Garret Jacob Hobbs, the man Will killed, aka his new best friend.

He wakes up to Jack knocking on his car window.

Something tells me he doesn't really wanna know.

They ...Read more
Jul 02, 2017 In Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks Season 3 E1-3 Recap
It starts with Agent Cooper having a wonderful chat with The Giant.

Basically. He's given you all the facts, Cooper.

Later a guy watches a glass box for super secret work and his girlfriend visits him.

Later the other Cooper shows up with longer hair.

He takes these two ...Read more
Jul 02, 2017 In The Andy Griffith Show
Was Ernest T. Bass the first trash talker?
Malcolm at the Crossroads season 6 episode 3. Was Ernest T. Bass the first trash talker? As Ernest T. get really to fight Malcolm he break out in a rhyme. Though out his time on the story he use rhyme to express his feeling or views of an event. Was this the first example of trash talking or rapping?

Jul 02, 2017 In Dead Like Me
From ‘Dead Like Me’ to ‘American Gods’: 37 Formidable Women of the Fullerverse
The women of Bryan Fuller’s television series are a diverse and mighty group. Let’s take a look at these formidable characters who make up that wild and fantastical Fullerverse.
Tell-Tale TV
Jul 02, 2017 In Killjoys
Killjoys Review: Boondoggie (Season 3 Episode 1)
On Killjoys Season 3 Episode 1, Johnny delves into the world of hackmods, while Dutch and D’av are on a Hullen hunt. Read on for our review!
Tell-Tale TV
Jul 01, 2017 In Dark Matter
Dark Matter Review: Give It Up Princess (Season 3 Episode 5)
This wild goose chase of a space adventure gives us heart, humor, and a new dress for Android. Read our review of Dark Matter!
Tell-Tale TV
Jul 01, 2017
She Ain't Right" - Wynonna Earp S02E04 Review
She Ain't Right" - Wynonna Earp S02E04 Review (spoilers)