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Jun 26, 2017
"Withdrawal" - The Mist S01E02 Review
"Withdrawal" - The Mist S01E02 Review (spoilers)
Jun 25, 2017 In Doctor Who 2005
Dr Who - 'World Enough and Time' Review - Holy Heck - What a Cliff-Hanger!
Well, the penultimate Dr Who of this current season has aired and what a cliff-hanger! My initial tweet after seeing the show was along the lines of ‘Holy C***!’

And that wasn’t because of the very odd episode title …. The episode was a doozie!

I’m now not sure whether to believe Capaldi’s Doctor will regenerate at the end of this series, whether he’ll change next week, or whether that whole pre-credits scene will play out at the very end of next week’s finale and be continued in the Christmas episode.
I’ll quickly run through the story. The Tardis lands on a 400-mile-long colonisation ship with numerous floors each apparently representing some kind of environment, by the look of it. The ship had sent out a distress signal and the Doctor wants to use this as a test for Missy, to see how she can ...
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Jun 24, 2017
"Pilot" - The Mist S01E01 Review
"Pilot" - The Mist S01E01 Review (spoilers)
Jun 24, 2017
"Gonna Getcha Good" - Wynonna Earp S02E03 Review
"Gonna Getcha Good" - Wynonna Earp S02E03 Review (spoilers)
Jun 23, 2017 In The Originals 2013
How Well Do You Know The Originals?
How well do you really know The Originals? Take our quiz and find out now!
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Jun 22, 2017 In Doctor Who 2005
The Master Villain
So, this weekend we will have our first story to see one Master face off against another incarnation in Season 10’s finale. We’ve seen it with Doctors, but never with different Master’s, at least not on screen anyway, so you would hope we’ll be in for a treat.

But who is the Master and what do we know about him/her? Get ready for the season finale, spoiler free, by catching up on the Master’s back story. Read on...
Jun 22, 2017
"Welcome to Pixie Swallow" – Blood Drive S01E02 Review
"Welcome to Pixie Swallow" – Blood Drive S01E02 Review (spoilers)
Jun 21, 2017
"Ransom" and "Poison" – Wrecked S02E01 and E02 Review
"Ransom" and "Poison" – Wrecked S02E01 and E02 Review (spoilers)
Jun 21, 2017 In Americas Got Talent
Season 12: Audition 4
This was most certainly an interesting night, as while there were a few standout acts, they also took quite a few spots to show us some joke acts...Some of said joke acts even advanced!

And remember, if there are any truly notable acts that are not in this list, it's because Youtube hasn't uploaded their video yet, so I just forgot about them...


10: Jay Jay Phillips. I couldn't tell if he was actually shredding on that keyboard...Otherwise, it was just another bad lip-syncing act...He'll probably get eliminated in the Judge Cuts...

9: Men With Pans. I wasn't entirely sure which act was worse, these guys or Jay Jay, but I figured that these two at least had some good comedic timing and a few daring stunts...But it's not something I ever need to see again, and they too ...Read more
Jun 20, 2017 In Fear The Walking Dead
Fear the Walking Dead Review: 100 (Season 3 Episode 4)
Fear the Walking Dead “100” (Season 3 Episode 4) catches up with Daniel Salazar in an enjoyable episode that introduces well-rounded characters and gives new life to a flatlining narrat…
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