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Aug 12, 2017 In Saturday Night Live
Weekend Update Thursday #1 (8/10/2017)

Yay, I beat JM5K!

What a shear novelty to be watching new SNL in any capacity in mid-August. (For you history buffs, this now leaves June as the only month to have never had a live show.) The powers that be knew that the turmoil in the White House could not wait until late September to be thrown on the skewer, so Cojo and Che are treating us to four special late summer editions of Weekend Update. Between now and August 31st, here's hoping the well isn't tapped dry.

Even with the bounty of news, this first half-hour special was only a mild success. The first act was almost wall-to-wall Trump, and Cojo and Che's hot takes proving somewhat uneven. There wasn't really much that Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah et al. hasn't already covered on their respective nightly shows, so hats off to the WU ...
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Aug 12, 2017 In Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks 3x4 Recap
The episode opens with Cooper helping the old lady, who's more than delightful.

Then a friend of Dougie's shows up.

Cooper wants to go home and his friend reminds him where he lives, saying he always recognizes Dougie's house becuse it has a red door.

But then ...Read more
Aug 12, 2017
"I See a Darkness" - Wynonna Earp S02E10 Review
"I See a Darkness" - Wynonna Earp S02E10 Review (spoilers)
'Law & Order: SVU' Enlists Brooke Shields for Major Recurring Role (Exclusive)
"I play a very different character from any I have ever played,” the actress said in a statement.
The Hollywood Reporter
Chicago Justice's Philip Winchester Joins Law & Order: SVU
Chicago Justice will live on through Law & Order: SVU. Deadline reports that Philip Winchester will move to another part of the Munchiverse next season when he reprises his ChiJu character Peter Stone on SVU in a recurring role. Stone was an Assistant State's Attorney on the canceled legal drama Chicago Justice, and he'll move to New York for a job as an Assistant District Attorney on Season 19. Both shows are executive-produced by Dick Wolf, and it's common for characters on Wolf shows to cross over. Winchester started on Chicago P.D. and appeared in three episodes of that series. Plus, Pe...
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Aug 11, 2017 In Zoo
"Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam" - Zoo S03E07 Review
"Wham, Bam, Thank You Sam" - Zoo S03E07 Review (spoilers)
Aug 11, 2017
"The Law of Nature" - The Mist S01E08 Review
"The Law of Nature" - The Mist S01E08 Review (spoilers)
Aug 10, 2017
"The Chopsockey Special" – Blood Drive S01E09 Review
"The Chopsockey Special" – Blood Drive S01E09 Review (spoilers)
Aug 10, 2017 In Americas Got Talent
Season 12: Judge Cuts 4
Once again, I am quite late with this...I wanted to take advantage of not having work today by watching the show and writing this review ASAP (followed by hours of Netflix and Youtube), but unfortunately my day off was taken up by hours of various unintended chores...And I have to be at work so early tomorrow that I probably shouldn't even be awake right now...So forgive me if I come off as bitter...But I guess I have other things to complain about...

So overall, the acts themselves were okay, I didn't feel super-disappointed by anything...I also quite liked Seal as a judge; He had a very sage-like wisdom to him that I haven't really seen in a judge before...Everything was going fine...until the results!

This week's outrageous eliminations include: Henry Richardson, Sirqus Alfon and Maxim Popazov. Richardson's trick ...Read more
Aug 09, 2017
Daily emails
My daily email seems to have stopped again, last one I received was on Thu 3 Aug.