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May 28, 2018
TVCom 11+ weeks non-responsive
TVCom 11+ weeks non-responsive (no spoilers)
May 27, 2018 In Saturday Night Live
Season 43: Final Thoughts...and Possible Goodbye

This was a VERY mixed bag of a season! While I understand how exhausting the whole Trump presidency is proving to be, I do feel that they may be picking out the low-hanging fruit more than they have to…I mean, do they have to keep calling in Baldwin every other week!?

I think the main issue with this season is that they put about 80% of their focus on politics, and the satire seems to be showing its age now…What more does Baldwin’s Trump have to give us? I guess the times where it worked the best are the times where it was REALLY called for! But sometimes, it just feels like an excuse to call in more celebrity cameos…I think they may be about as burned out by all the Trump stories as I am…I kinda just wish they could find new targets that ...Read more
May 26, 2018
Front Page Video Adverts
Usually the video just plays when the page loads but recently I've noticed an advert starts playing before the feature. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this a recent thing? Have the adverts always played?
May 24, 2018
“The Phantom Zone” – Krypton S01E10 Review
“The Phantom Zone” – Krypton S01E10 Review (spoilers)
May 22, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary "Our Time Is Up" Review: Mother Issues
Last week I talked about seemingly minor lines and details that, when looked upon more closely, are not that unimportant at all.
In my opinion the central quote of this episode was a sentence that was meant as a joke.
In reality the person who said it, unknowingly expressed the utter truth, connecting a lot of threads from this episode but also leading way back to something Gregson has said to Joan at the End of Season 1.

Here's the quote :
"Too bad Dr. Reed isn't here. She could see you already have a kid."

The tweet Sherlock had sent that provoked Lin's remark was only one example, there were several other situations and things that were said that underline the fact of how important Joan is for Sherlock's wellbeing maybe even for his survival.

1. The initial scene
When Joan talks to Sherlock after she ...
Read more
May 21, 2018 In Westworld
“Akane No Mai” – Westworld S02E05 Review
“Akane No Mai” – Westworld S02E05 Review (spoilers)
May 18, 2018
Welcome Fans of Reality TV!
May 18, 2018
“Hope” – Krypton S01E09 Review
“Hope” – Krypton S01E09 Review (spoilers)