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Aug 07, 2018
Louisiana-based JeTi Films Delivers Unconventional Detective Series ‘Tales from the Murder Room’
Filmmakers King Jeff and Gorio of JeTi Films discuss their new original anthology detective series 'Tales from the Murder Room'
Aug 04, 2018 In Colony 2015
THE RESULTS ARE IN: Save These Shows! - So Many Shows!
Voting results are in! Fans voted for their favorite sci-fi shows in our "save these shows" poll - and after going through all the votes, we have winners!
So Many Shows!
Aug 03, 2018 In Colony 2015
Why Netflix should save Colony after USA cancellation
USA Network has canceled Colony after three seasons. This is the next show that Netflix needs to consider saving. If you missed it because of the San Diego...
Netflix Life
Aug 01, 2018 In Americas Got Talent
Season 13: Judge Cuts 3

This was a weird night! I have very mixed emotions about both the performances and the results…

I guess for starters, as FrankDoc predicted, some very deserving acts were let go tonight…These acts include Oliver Graves (who I’ll admit wasn’t as funny as before), Fratelli Rossi and Jeffrey Li…Li in particular really stood out to me with one of the best singing voices I’ve heard so far this year…But I guess when it comes to solo singers, girls are always given preferential treatment to boys in the child category, and the other way around for the adults…(And yes, Angel Garcia deserved it to a degree as well…)

(Also, poor Bensax International! He’s clearly very talented, but his talent just doesn’t seem to gel with this show…)

On the bright side, only two singing acts made it, and neither of them were ...Read more
Assassin's Assassin
Jul 31, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary "Breathe" Review: The Good, The Bad and The Inbetween
This will be one of my "There was so much in this episode that I couldn't decide what to focus on so I just write a short paragraph about everything" reviews.

First, I enjoyed "Breathe" a lot. It was a highly entertaining episode seasoned with very well written dialogues and just the right amount of humour and emotion. We are through a bit more than half of the Season now but I more and more think that it might be the best one. The show seams to age like good wine what leads me to the first topic:

1. Wines, aromas and glasses
I like how much Elementary pays attention to details and of course the wine bottle at the crime scene had the right shape and the label was indeed Italian. The scene was published as a Sneak Peek and when you stop the video at the ...Read more
Will Stabler & Barba Return to 'Law & Order: SVU'? Mariska Hargitay Weighs In
The actress on what's in store for the milestone 20th season and for Olivia Benson.
TV Insider