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Dylan Walsh Books Recurring Role On ‘Law & Order: SVU’
Unforgettable alum Dylan Walsh is set for a recurring guest role on the upcoming 20th season of NBC’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Walsh will play John Conway, a self-made man and m…
Jul 29, 2018
FAN VOTING: Which Sci-Fi Series Should Be Saved? - So Many Shows!
So many sci-fi shows have been cancelled over the last year! We need to know from fans which of these sci-fi series should come back for more... Vote now!
So Many Shows!
Jul 28, 2018
"When You Call My Name" - Wynonna Earp S03E02 Review
If the last episode was "Let's catch up for the last nine months", this week was "Whoa, let's take a breather". We got a revenant who seems to be one of those white-trash types that hangs around Purgatory and waits for Wynonna to kill them. He can steal voices and is good at setting bobby-traps. We didn't even get the character's name: it's apparently "Deadfall", based on actor Dimitri Vantis' agents' homepage.

So we get backstory. Backstory on how Wynonna kept Mama Earp's existence secret from Waverly. Backstory on Doc getting his mortality back, although he never seemed to be that immortal when he had it. Backstory on Xavier and his half-dragon nature, and his drug problem. Which got short-shrift last week, and ended with his apparent death this week. But... spoilers!


Let's recap. We discover that Waverly has been abducted by ...Read more
Jul 25, 2018 In Americas Got Talent
Season 13: Judge Cuts 2

Tonight was pretty much the same as last week…Which I’m certainly not complaining about!

Once again, there were some tough choices, the guest judge was mostly just there (though lacked the humor and charisma that the one last week had), the Golden Buzzer went to a choir and the judges actually made some overall sensible choices, albeit with a few unfortunate casualties (though not as many as last week).

Though I might say that this was a slight bit superior to last week, because the acts were overall better, and my main issues with last week were not exactly present this time…Neither Sophie nor Hunter made it, which is a plus (and as soon as I saw Hunter’s performance get clipped down, I knew we dodged a bullet…for now…Wildcards and whatnot…) Though even they showed a little promise…Hunter’s style is still unique ...Read more
It's (not) a man's world
Jul 24, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary "Meet Your Maker " Review: The meaning of friendship
You don't need a dead body to construct an interesting case.
This is the first thing this episode proved plus that there is so much inspiration in real life that you never run out of material for original stories, at least when you know your job, what Robert Hewitt Wolfe obviously does.

The Incel community currently got into focus because several men who committed mass killings claimed to be part of that group.
In November 2017 the platform Reddit closed down a forum with about 40.000 members because some of them stated that rape was not a crime but rather an inconvenience or that being friends with "femoids" was useless if you couldn't have sex with them.

If you are interested to know more, here is the link to the wikipedia article which is quite well founded and extensive. It also contains an explanation of the term ...
Read more
Jul 24, 2018 In Colony 2015
Save Colony!
Save Colony! A Great TV Show That Deserves A Fourth Season!