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May 02, 2018 In The 100
The 100 "Red Queen" Photo Recap - Off With Their Heads
Please, TV Gods, let me know what feat I accomplished in a past life to deserve such a gift as Red Queen.
May 02, 2018 In Bull 2017
Actress April Yvette Thompson is Committed to Justice on ‘BULL’

The recent Bull episode titled “Justified,” showcases Bull (Michael Weatherly) defending a survivor of domestic abuse. But, this is not just any case. An old friend from his past, Dr. Marian Green, enlists his help to prove that a murder was justified.

Bull’s old friend was portrayed by actress April Yvette Thompson. And, no one can say that April isn’t committed to her work -- evidently she shaved off her own dreadlocks in order to depict Dr. Green as a strong and powerful woman.

Audiences will recognize April (or maybe not without more hair) from her previous roles in Blue Caprice, Gotham, Blue Bloods, Babylon Fields, The Exonerated, Accidental Husband, Backwards, Babylon Fields, Law & Order, Third Watch and others. She also frequents Broadway and Off-Broadway stages, including Clybourne Park (Pulitzer & Tony awards), Vassar Voices with Meryl Streep, Good Bread Alley, Liberty City The Exonerated with Gabriel Byrne and Richard ...Read more
May 01, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary "An Infinite Capacity For Taking Pains" Review: The Final Straw
Long time no read.

It has been nearly a year since I wrote the last review. Welcome back to all the people who have been here before and welcome to the new folks, which I hope are numerous because this show deserves a much wider audience than it had over the last Season.

Usually TV Shows get less interesting the longer they run. Elementary is an exception to that, at least in my opinion because it still has the capacity to move and surprise me.
I will not say much about the case that was solved in this episode. It was good, especially how Sherlock finally found the culprit but let's be honest the subplot was much more intriguing.

This brings me to the subject of


The scene where he talks about his fears that he might ...Read more
Apr 30, 2018
My TV Listings Not Working For The Umpteenth Time!
So, not only are they not working but the options for network provider, zip code, HD or reruns etc have all disappeared. Hey! tvcom! Why don't you just close the site already???
Another question to go unanswered!
Apr 29, 2018 In Ash Vs Evil Dead
"The Mettle of Man" - Ash vs. Evil Dead S03E10 Finale Review
"The Mettle of Man" - Ash vs. Evil Dead S03E10 Finale Review (spoilers)
Apr 28, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary Boss: Sherlock's Health 'Will Be a Problem' for Work, Put Stress on His Partnership With Joan
When CBS’ Elementary (finally) returns for Season 6 this Monday at 10/9c, Sherlock will get a diagnosis for his hallucinations which will severely disrupt the work that he does with Joan.
Apr 28, 2018 In Elementary
Elementary on Twitter
“The world's greatest detectives are back in only 5 days! Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson face their biggest case yet when #Elementary returns this Monday at 10/9c.”
Apr 28, 2018 In Macgyver
"UFO + Area 51" - MacGyver S02E22 Review
"UFO + Area 51" - MacGyver S02E22 Review (spoilers)
Apr 25, 2018 In The 100
The 100 "Eden" Photo Recap - Eat Up Those Apples
The Adventure Squad returns, and our hearts are not okay.