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2 days ago In Elementary by nullnull2654
Elementary "Worth Several Cities" Review - Egocentricity versus Reason

I know that Sherlock wouldn't like this statement as he often longs to be part of the crowd but in this case it is meant exclusively positive and I can't find any other adjective to describe the show better.
Usually after several Seasons the stories begin to repeat themselves and the originality of the plots is lost. This is not the case with Elementary. In fact I get the impression that the quality of the show is still improving after four seasons. In my opinion it has reached a level of writing and acting that is very rare on TV nowadays.

Elementary gives you topics to chew on and often you learn something about things you hadn't even known they exist.

"Worth Several Cities" is a perfect example for that.

I would never have considered to dig into the history of the Imperial Seal ...
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3 days ago In The Strain by Gislef
"White Light" - The Strain S03E08 Review
"White Light" - The Strain S03E08 Review (spoilers)
Oct 16, 2016 In Saturday Night Live by JM5000
10/15/2016: Emily Blunt/Bruno Mars

Well, it looks like things didn't go so well last night...

A lot of the sketches, while arguably even more creative than last week, failed to really go anywhere, and we even had a sketch that a lot of people consider to be a five-minute commercial for Burger King...I'm not exactly the type who's that efficient in spotting a piece of media that sells out, but I'd be lying if I didn't say I felt curious enough to try the Cheetos Chicken Fries by the end of the sketch...Well, I guess it at least had some interesting visuals...The same could be said for a lot of the sketches, really, like the one with the robots...which interestingly enough, also involved food...

Okay, so which sketches WERE good, since there's always at least a few? Well, as usual, they went for the ...

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Oct 14, 2016 In Dcs Legends Of Tomorrow by Gislef
"Out of Time" - DC's Legends of Tomorrow S02E01 Review
"Out of Time" - DC's Legends of Tomorrow S02E01 Review (spoilers)
Oct 13, 2016 In Arrow by Gislef
"The Recruits" – Arrow S05E02 Review
"The Recruits" – Arrow S05E02 Review (spoilers)
Oct 12, 2016 In Lucifer by houbou
Lucifer - Season 2 Episode 3 - Sin Eater - Do NOT touch the charred crotch!
The family reunion ... the first two sons.
Oct 12, 2016 by Gislef
Channel Zero - "You Have to Go Inside" S01E01 Review
Channel Zero - "You Have to Go Inside" S01E01 Review (spoilers)
Oct 10, 2016 In The Strain by Gislef
"Collaborators" – The Strain S03E07 Review
"Collaborators" – The Strain S03E07 Review (spoilers)
Oct 09, 2016 In Macgyver by Gislef
“Awl” – MacGyver S01E03 Review
“Awl” – MacGyver S01E03 Review (spoilers)
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