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Dec 16, 2017 In Macgyver by Gislef
"Bullet + Pen" - MacGyver S02E11 Review
"Bullet + Pen" - MacGyver S02E11 Review (spoilers)
A look back
Dec 14, 2017 In General Tv Discussion by Syrinx2
2017 TV-series: Top 10
It´s that time of year again! What did we find that was new on the TV-series horizon?
I have my top 10, do you?

(Electric Dreams)

Even if you don´t have ten new series you´ve watched, post the ones you did watch.
I will add it all ...Read more
Dec 14, 2017 In Saturday Night Live by JM5000
Early 2018 Predictions

Alright, for starters, I'm predicting that they will do four consecutive weeks so that they can bring the number up to 13 before they take three weeks off for the Olympics...It just sounds like what they'd do...

And now I shall go ahead and call the first show of 2018...

1/13/18: Daisy Ridley/Childish Gambino

They seem to have started a trend of opening each year with someone to promote the new "Star Wars" movie, and Ridley seems due for her turn...As for Mr. Glover, he's the only Grammy nominee for the 2017 "Album of the Year" who hasn't promoted the album in question on the show yet. (The only other big nominee who that leaves is Luis Fonsi for "Record of the Year", but I highly doubt they're going to book a foreign-language artist right now...) While "Redbone" isn't ...

Read more
Dec 13, 2017 In General Tv Discussion by Syrinx2
Limited series : Godless
When serendipity takes you for a ride, you could end up with watching Godless om Netflix.

This western, is said to be a limited seven episode run on Netflix (Aired in late November). And it satisfies those waiting for Westworld season 2. Albeit it lacks in the sci-fi department, it´s striking home in the prairie hearts out there.

A slow paced, not in your face ride, is what it is, with a handful of strong character portraits to paint this picture of the west. I´m tempted to say that we might be looking at the number one series of 2017 right here.

Since things have slowed down, here on the site, I wonder if anyone else caught this gem?
I used to come here and get tips on what to watch. Now, I generally gives tips.

Before, I´ve praised Hell on Wheels as well as Westworld, this ...Read more
Dec 12, 2017 In Doctor Who 2005 by steamheaduk
Hidden History 10.5 - The bit before the finale
After all the excitement of the Monks in Part 4, we have to look at the two episodes before the finale. Knowing the Mondasian Cybermen are on the way in the two part finale, you might be tempted to think the next two episodes might be fairly light on things to talk about. But we get the most ambiguous monsters in the history of the show, and the first writer to have episodes in both centuries covered by the show. So we’ve got a bit of something to talk about.
Read on…
Dec 09, 2017 In General Tv Discussion by Syrinx2
Series Premiere: Altered Carbon 02-02-18

Having had Altered Carbon under observation for the last 12 months, there is finally life to the rumors:

"Live forever, in the body you deserve.."
On Netflix on January 2, 2018.

We´ll meet Joel Kinnaman´s character Takeshi Kovacs in a futuristic hunt for memory stacks and reanimated or ...Read more
Dec 09, 2017 In Macgyver by Gislef
"War Room + Ship" - MacGyver S02E10 Review
"War Room + Ship" - MacGyver S02E10 Review (spoilers)
Dec 06, 2017 In Dcs Legends Of Tomorrow by Gislef
"Beebo the God of War" – DC Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 Review
"Beebo the God of War" – DC Legends of Tomorrow S03E09 Review (spoilers)
Dec 03, 2017 In Doctor Who 2005 by steamheaduk
Hidden History 10.4 - The Monks Trilogy
So you wait a decade for a trilogy and two come along in consecutive seasons. After Part 3 covered Ice, Lice and Air we move onto the Monk Trilogy, hot on the heels of last season’s 3 part finale.

Now 3 parters are quite rare (or 6 parters in the 20th Century), usually reserved for the season finale, the 21st Century has only had 3, with Utopia/Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords in 2007 and Face the Raven/Heaven Sent/Hell Bent last season. However this time the 3 parter is mid-season, not a finale, so let’s see how it works in the big scheme of things.

Read on…
Dec 02, 2017 In Macgyver by Gislef
"CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil" - MacGyver S02E09 Review
"CD-ROM + Hoagie Foil" - MacGyver S02E09 Review (spoilers)
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