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    Welcome to the Downloading Television board,'s home for discussing Downloading Television. Most subjects within reason are allowed for discussion here, but please make sure you double check the Community Terms of Service before posting anything or you might be subject to moderation. Those topics subject to moderation may be locked or deleted at the moderators' discretion.

    This board is for discussion about players, technology and any services allowing people to legally download television shows! Downloads from iTunes and Google are available for many shows on now - under the new "Downloads" tab.

    Game Threads

    Please be advised that all such "Game Topics, OR Topics and VS Topics" are not allowed. All types of these games may be locked or deleted.

    Question Threads

    A "question"-type thread that asks a yes/no question but leads to discussion would be acceptable. A thread intended for discussion but that descends into yes/no responses and random chatting would be deleted or locked.

    We're not looking for the intense debates. But if you're discussing your likes and dislikes, always try to say why you like or dislike something, rather than simply rattling off a list.

    Thank You, Forum Moderators
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