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    Always looking for a good show or two to fill the space when everything is on summer hiatus. The other half and I tend to watch two kinds of shows...really amazing, gripping, character-driven drama, and easier 'one and done' crime shows. Favourites in the former are Homeland, Dexter, Walking Dead, Damages, West Wing...just finished The Newsroom and House of Cards, thought both were great. And in the latter category L&O (both original recipe and SVU, but couldn't stand CI...) , Criminal Minds, Mentalist, Castle. Pretty mindless which is good for us at times, and they often serve as a sleep aid which is a good thing! But we found the likes of CSI, Numbers, House just too absurd and repetitive to stick with after a while.

    Between our teaching jobs in the inner city and my own demons, we tend to shy away from shows where we are supposed to get behind drug dealers, adulterers, that sort of seedy lot... gave Weeds, Mad Men, Big Love all a go and couldn't stick with them for this reason, and we've not given Breaking Bad a shot for the same reason. But I'm always willing to try again for an amazing show. And other than Walking Dead we're sort of spent on the whole apocalyptic thing. Loved Lost in its time but tired of it in the end. The other half keeps up with Person of Interest when we've exhausted everything else on the DVR and I'm already asleep. But again, would give the genre another whirl if the show was stellar. Oh we also have enjoyed the quirkier dramedies like Psych, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me, but sadly they often don't stick around.

    So some things in the running are The Following, Elementary, Perception, Falling Skies (wary of this one, see explanation a la Lost above), The Killing (wary of this one two because the interwebs were not happy with *SPOILER ALERT* the lack of resolution at the end of S1, but if we are going to go straight from S1 to S2 seamlessly and there's satisfaction there, then I could do it), The Americans, White Collar, Southland. Would be totally fine with something long over (thinking Oz?) but only if it comes to a definitive end...not something that got cancelled or otherwise disappeared into thin air.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Falling skies is pretty absurd but kind of fun for a shut your brain off and watch kind of show. I don't really like The Following, I'm trying to give it so many chances but the show is just very taxing on my nerves. I was going to suggest The Killing. I really love it and think it's a great little drama/mystery show that doesn't get the credit it deserves.

    It's too bad you find drug/violence shows too touchy a subject since Breaking Bad is one of the best shows out there imo.

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    Southland and The Americans, definitely. Both a nine out of ten in my book.

    I'm also watching The Following, and it's a hard show to watch at times. I mostly like it because it reminds me of 24 so much.

    Also, Banshee, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Justified.
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    As always, I recommend the Canadian family series "Heartland." Its current season airs on Sunday nights in Canada, and the repeats from a few years earlier are shown in the US at 9 p.m. US Eastern time on Wednesdays on a cable channel called GMC.

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    I think Southland would be good for you guys. It has good Drama aspects with the cops and their respective partners and it also focuses on their home lives somewhat. it also shows like, rookie/beat cops, homicide detectives, and drug force detectives so there's a lot of different types of crimes and not just one in an episode. It's gritty but not like team bad guys!

    I would also recommend Terries, it was a really good show on FX about two best friends who are private detectives and it has a new case every episode which is usually interesting on it's own, but starting in the first episode it deals with a corruption case that spans the whole series so you kind of have to pay attention but the payout is worth it. It got cancelled after one season which was a shame but it was on Netflix last time I checked!

    Speaking of corruption you should check out The Chicago Code, its about a cop who kind of plays by his own rules who used to be partners with the recently appointed Superintended of police, and they work together along with his new partner and an undercover cop to bring down corruption in city hall.

    I saw someone ahead of me said Justified which is another really good one! You see things from the bad guys POV sometimes but never really in sympathetic way more in a heres why they do what they do way, you're always team Marshall Givens by the end!

    White Collar is more of a mindless procedural but the buddy partner aspect of it is always good and I like the idea of a show about White Collar!

    I didn't see it on your list but have you ever given The Good Wife a shot? It's about lawyers so it has a case of the week but it has a lot more of a Drama feel because of the main characters home/love life and balancing her kids with going back to work late in life!

    The last one I'm going to recommend (because this is getting crazy) is Wonderfalls. It's by the same guy who made Pushing Daisies and Dead Like Me (and now Hannibal but that's not the same kind of show although it is amazing, just very gory)! It's about a girl who has inanimate objects talk to her and they have her do things that kind of make her help other people and she's like the reluctant hero. It also deals with her home life (her family thinks shes crazy obv) and her friends and potential love interest and it's really really good! Another cancelled too soon by Fox. I think it's great you and your significant other bond over tv! I hope one of these pans out, feel free to message me if you have any questions!

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