Forums: Drama: Yet another "help me find a show" thread.

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    Hey, friends - I need help finding this thing I used to watch back in highschool. For some reason I've become rather foggy on the details, but here's what I remember, broken down into bullet-form for your convenience.

    - It is an American show. (I'm not from the US so no idea which network originally broadcast it, sorry!)

    - The main character is a young university professor (who may or may not have taught Anthropology or something in said university. It was some class where he could talk on and on about the unexplained phenomena throughout human history and of course the studens would be all 'woooow'). Short brown hair, glasses, handsome-ish.

    - He is completely obsessed with the supernatural and often travels to places where there've been reports of such occurences and investigates them. Basically ghosts, reincarnations, angels, Jesus appearing in toast, he believes EVERYTHING.

    - His name may or may not have been Dylan. (or maybe my brain pegged him that because of Dylan Dog, who knows?)

    - He often gets help from this goth girl (she may have been his assistant in the university) who is a genius and a complete skeptic and an utterly reason-driven person. Her name may or may not have been Miranda. There wasn't anything romantic between them in the episodes I've watched.

    - A lot of the episodes had this thing where a couple or severl storylines seemed completely unrelated to one another but in the end the professor investigating some suspected supernatural occurence from one of them would tie them all in and we'd get this lovely, super-sappy happy end with power balads in the background and everything.

    Aaand that's all I remember. Hope someone can help me, I was so desperate I even went to Akinator. ( ._.)

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    I might help if you could tell us the years it was broadcast...

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    'Mysterious Ways' with Adrian Pasdar

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