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  • New Communities Update


    First off, I will be out of the office tomorrow (7/26). If you have any concerns that need attention during that time, please PMAndrew.

    You may notice that we have taken the Forums link off of the site header. You will still be able to navigate to the forums from the homepage as before, using the footer. The direct URL will remain the same, as well (

    We have also added some new community pages today! Check them out & see if there are any you would like to join! If you have any feedback on what we've named each community, definitely let us know. We are open to suggestions from mega fans such as yourselves!

    Raising Hope

    Family Guy

    The Simpsons

    The Following


    Adventure Time

    Avatar: The Legend of Korra

    Covert Affairs

    Da Vinci's Demons

    Hell on Wheels

    Veronica Mars

    The 100



    Parks and Recreation


    Downton Abbey

    The Carrie Diaries


    The Mindy Project

    Big Brother




    Modern Family

    The Venture Bros

    Criminal Minds


    NCIS: Los Angeles

    Rizzoli & Isles

    Hawaii Five-0

    Dog with a Blog

    The Mentalist

    Star Trek

    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

    Burn Notice

    Blue Bloods

    Posted by jessicakroeber 07/25/2013 3:09pm comments: 44
  • Changing Your Profile Image


    Today we are releasing a new feature that will allow you to toggle between your uploaded profile image and your Facebook profile image (if you are connected via Facebook) on your profile. The image change will be reflected everywhere on the site except for in reviews & forums (we know you'd like that too & it's on our queue to look at!).

    To toggle your image, go to your profile and hover over your profile image. You'll see a CHANGE IMAGE button appear like this:

    When you click on CHANGE IMAGE, you'll see the option to use your profile image or your Facebook one!

    Let us know what you think!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 07/23/2013 3:04pm comments: 10
  • Images in Site Blog Posts


    We noticed today that the images we uploaded to Photobucket for our older site blog posts have stopped working. We've worked out a new way to upload images that will allow them to stay up indefinitely. I will not be replacing older site blog images but if there's anything you want to see from an older post do let me know! Future posts will have working images.

    Thanks for your understanding!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 07/22/2013 3:06pm comments: 0
  • New Community Dropdown and Feed!


    Today we've released a new dropdown option in the site header that will give you immediate access to all of your community pages! This is now live!

    The drop down will bring you to your Communities Feed, theCommunity Leaderboard, and all of the communities you have already joined. The Communities Feed is a new feature that will show you all of the new posts that have been made in the communities you have joined! The feed defaults to showing what's new first so that you won't miss a post!

    We hope you enjoy and let us know what you think!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 07/11/2013 2:55pm comments: 11
  • Contributions, Editor, and Community Guidelines


    We have updated our guidelines for contributions, editors, and community pages. You can find the new guidelines here:




    Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 07/08/2013 12:56pm comments: 67
  • Office Closed 7/4 - 7/7 (Updated!)

    Hello everyone,

    Our offices are closed for the 4th of July from Thursday, 7/4 to Sunday, 7/7. Andrew & I will be back in the office on Monday, 7/8.

    If you have any pressing matters, you can PM us about them today and we will try to handle before we leave. Otherwise, we will be responding to all concerns on Monday.

    Hope you have a fantastic holiday! Eat some BBQ and relax with some awesome TV.

    Update 7/3: We have added some new community pages to our site. You can find them here:


    Arrested Development

    Orphan Black

    Person of Interest



    The Walking Dead




    The Vampire Diaries


    Sons of Anarchy


    New Girl

    Once Upon a Time




    The Big Bang Theory

    How I Met Your Mother

    The Americans

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  • Community Pages Announcement


    We believe that the most important part of is our passionate user community. Every month, we see millions of comments, ratings, reviews, and discussions about your favorite shows. Yet despite all this great content users like yourselves are already creating, we've gotten a ton of user requests for you to be able to express yourselves in more creative ways. That's why today we're launching a new type of page -- what for now we're calling a community page.

    For the first time, users, in addition to staff, will control the content on this community page and can post new kinds of content such as photos, polls, links, and videos. Users can also create full-length written content that will live on the community pages side-by-side with "official" editorial content.

    We've chosen a few shows to launch as beta pages, which you can find below. You can also reach these new community pages by clicking the link to them from the banner image on any of their show pages.

    Users who contribute a lot to these pages will begin to be ranked in the Top Members section of each community page. You can improve your ranking in each community page by creating posts that have lots of interaction from your fellow fans, such as views, comments, favorites, and shares. Please note that the points system on community pages and show/episode pages are not currently connected as we learn how people will contribute to these pages.

    Right now, these pages are separate from the show and episode guides. Any reviews or episode discussion items you post on the show and episode pages will not appear on the community page, and vice versa.

    Have fun with the new community pages and let us know your thoughts!

    The current beta pages:

    Breaking Bad



    Doctor Who

    Falling Skies

    Game of Thrones


    Mad Men

    Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    The Newsroom

    Pretty Little Liars


    Teen Wolf

    True Blood

    Under the Dome

    Posted by jessicakroeber 06/25/2013 3:13pm comments: 21
  • Hello, from Andrew!

    Hello, everyone! I'm Andrew, and I'm really excited to have joined the team at I will be helping Jessica out, making sure all your show pages are problem free! My taste is fairly eclectic, from old school Trek to the underrated Felicity to the funniest show on TV today, Parks and Recreation. My favorite series of all time is a toss-up between Lost and The Muppet Show. Latest obsessions include Hemlock Grove and (DON'T JUDGE ME!) My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. (I mean, c'mon -- they've riffed on The A-Team and The Big Lebowski in two separate episodes. What's not to love?) If it's smartly written and well-executed, I like it. If it keeps me guessing, I love it. If you'd like to chat about your similarly divergent tastes in TV or just say "Hello!" PM me at Andrew_Moore.

    Posted by Andrew_Moore 06/10/2013 4:07pm comments: 38
  • Spam Update 6/5

    Hello everyone,

    Many of you have reached out to let me know about the increasing spam problem in the forums. We are aware of this issue and have started putting more manpower on trying to help clean up the forums. We are working on possible solutions for this issue and I will be sure to let you know when we are able to make improvements.

    Until then, the best thing you can do is to keep marking these posts as spam so we can get them off the site. We are working on doing it, as well.

    Thanks for your patience while we deal with this problem!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 06/05/2013 11:48am comments: 14
  • Memorial Day 5/27


    The offices will be closed on Monday, May 27th for Memorial Day. If you have any pressing matters, please contact me today. Otherwise I will be back on Tuesday, the 28th, & responding to all PMs and comments then!

    I hope you all enjoy your holiday!


    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/24/2013 10:31am comments: 16
  • Crew Role Fixes


    Many of you reached out to let me know that we had incorrect crew role groupings and role duplicates in the Cast & Crew Tool list. We have been working on creating a new list & it's now live!

    We have not added any new roles (but thanks to those of you who have made suggestions for new roles we should have). Instead, we were working on re-ordering the list using the roles we already have. Adding new roles has to be done in a totally different database, so that is a separate issue.

    If you find any mistakes regarding the list that is now live, please let me know & I will keep a list of any other changes needed. We will deal with any missing roles at a later date.

    This should be an improvement from what we had before now. Please let us know what you think!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/23/2013 1:31pm comments: 21
  • Moderating Reviews/Spam


    There has been an issue where the site would not let you moderate or flag a review or episode discussion item as spam if you were the editor of the show. We have fixed this issue & you are now able to flag reviews/episode discussion items on all shows.

    Click on FLAG or MODERATE under the review and you will get the option to mark it as spam for staff review.

    Please let me know if you have any questions!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/21/2013 2:36pm comments: 32
  • Season Premiere and Finale Information!

    Update: 5/14 4:54 PM: The NaN Episode Air Date issue has been fixed again. Thanks for your patience!

    Hi everyone!

    We've added Season Premiere and Season Finale tags throughout the site to help you spot when your favorite shows are starting and ending. You will see this information on the Listings page, as well as in some modules throughout the site. Check out the examples below!

    TV Listings Page Homepage

    Show & Episode Pages

    Let us know what you think!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/14/2013 11:11am comments: 4
  • Cast Reordering is Back!

    Update 5/10: The NaN Airdates issue is back. We are working to fix that. Thanks for your patience.


    Today we are releasing a fix that will bring cast reordering back to the cast & crew tool. Thanks for your patience while we worked on bringing that back.

    This is now live!

    We will not be bringing back crew reordering at this time, but thanks for the feedback for those of you who have asked for it back. I am logging your requests.


    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/09/2013 12:20pm comments: 0
  • Site Updates 5/7

    Update 5/8: Many of you have brought it to my attention that we got rid of cast re-ordering. This was unintentional and we will have it back soon. Stay tuned for updates on timing. Thanks for your patience! Crew re-ordering will not be returning.


    We have some exciting updates releasing today! These updates are now live on the site.

    1. We have fixed the NaN countdown to air date issue that I posted aboutyesterday.

    2. There was an issue that was causing shows with very long crew lists to give an error when editing. We have fixed this issue and long crew lists will be editable again. If you do get a 503 error when trying to edit long crew lists, please PMmeto let me know so we can try to handle on a case by case basis.

    Let us know what you think! Thanks!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/07/2013 1:37pm comments: 18
  • NaN Airdates Update


    Many of you have reported that upcoming airdates are appearing with a NaN countdown to air date instead of the proper countdown to air date. We are aware of the issue and are working to fix it. We will keep you updated!

    Thanks for your patience!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/06/2013 11:00am comments: 2
  • UTF-8 Update 5/3/13


    Recently many of you have reached out to me to let me know about missing data on the website. Special characters and accents were causing text to disappear on the website.

    Today, we were able to fix that issue and we are pleased to announce that we were able to recover the missing data and get it back on the site. You may still see some goofiness with the special characters themselves, but the missing data should be back.

    If you see any widespread examples of missing data, please feel free to reach out. Any smaller issues can now be corrected via the edit tools.

    Thanks & happy Friday!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/03/2013 4:56pm comments: 8
  • Site Updates 4/30

    Update 2:01pm: This is now live! You can see an examplehere.


    We have a new release going out today that will bring embeds to the show pages! I will keep you updated when the release is live, but once it's out the newest full episode embed will be appearing on the show page for shows & episodes with embeds available. The embed will not auto-play.

    Let us know what you think!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 04/30/2013 11:51am comments: 7
  • Happy Weekend!

    Hi everyone,

    I know this week was a little rough with the mod queue and the PM system not working right. Thanks for your patience and your help while we tried to figure out what was wrong. I have high hopes that next week will be better!

    I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and for any of you fellow Doctor Whonerdsfans out there, check out thisawesome artwe found today!

    If you're not into Doctor Who, show me your favorite non-Who memes!

    Posted by jessicakroeber 04/26/2013 5:42pm comments: 0
  • Mod Queue Backlog

    Update 9:40AM on 4/26: My mod queue and PM system are back to working how they did before the problems. Please let me know if you are still experiencing any issues.


    I just wanted to give you all a heads up that I am experiencing issues with the mod queue that are preventing me from being able to clear our the subs for any shows without editors. We are working on the issue and are hoping to have a fix soon. Until then, you may notice that your subs for shows without editors are taking longer than normal to get approved/rejected.

    Please let me know if anyone else is having issues with their own queues so we can determine if this is site-wide or account related.


    Posted by jessicakroeber 04/24/2013 3:31pm comments: 17


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