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  • Lights On or Lights Off -- it's your choice!

    Hello there! We've been busy little bees over here at, and we wanted to share some of what we've been working on - all taking into account the most important feedback of all - ideas submitted by you, our users. Keep the feedback coming by sending us a note here: - we're dedicated to making the best television site out there and we can't do it without you.

    Customized Background Display
    Since our major redesign in September, many of you have been asking us to tone down the site's brightness. "Less white, less white!" you said. Well we heard you, and we're proud to announce our spankin' new "Lights on/Lights off" feature, giving YOU the option of how to display


    The default "Lights on" display will be similar to what you're used to, but with a muted grey background, while the new "Lights off" option features a much darker background skin. The "lightswitch" to toggle between the two views lives in the top right of every page, so you can switch any time you want! Your cookies will remember your last setting, so no need to flip the lights back on or off every time you come to

    Show Home Beta Preview
    Additionally, we're also giving you the chance to test drive our new show home page design! The "New design" link in the upper right hand corner of these pages will lead you to the new version. Give it a whirl! You can go back and forth between the new and current look - we've included a screenshot below. The new look is a change in display only -- none of the content, tools, or features that you are currently familiar with will change. We've simply tried to organize the page to make it easier to get to the content you're after. Check it out and let us know what you think!

    Posted by Jaxiecracks 02/27/2009 12:14pm comments: 15
  • New video clips for international users

    Good news on the video front for our international users! We've just made available internationally clips from classic shows like Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, Star Trek, Macgyver, and The Love Boat, as well as CBS News programs, 60 Minutes and 48 Hours. No more US IP addresses required!

    We hope to be making more of this content available for our international audience in the future, so stay tuned for more developments!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 02/24/2009 12:47pm comments: 0
  • American Idol - Top 36 Announced!

    Make sure to check out our American Idol 2009 feature and vote for your favorite. While you're there, check out our new American Idol widget to help spread the word on your favorite Idol contestant!
    Posted by danmod 02/17/2009 3:21pm comments: 1
  • President's Day Holiday, Monday Feb 16

    In honor of our (now) 44 presidents, the staff will be out of the office on Monday, February 16. Have a safe long weekend everyone!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 02/16/2009 11:51am comments: 0
  • New This Week...

    We're introing a new feature here at we're calling Public Access, where we ask users to sound off on their favorite shows. To start things off, here's JBentham, who talks about the return of Lost.

    Public Access: JBentham on Lost

    Also new on the site this week:

    Our rundown of new shows to watch on-air and online
    Get to meet the contestants for the 14th run of The Amazing Race
    The Screen Actors' Guild Awards

    We're also featuring video of President Barack Obama's historic inauguration, and don't forget to vote on our American Idol Poll!
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 01/27/2009 9:45am comments: 0
  • Celebrate the Presidential Inauguration with LIVE right now!

    balloons Today, the United States of America makes history with the swearing in of Barack Obama as president. Didn't score a ticket to the ceremony? Too far to make the trek to Washington, D.C.? Too cozy at home to brave the expected 33 degree Fahrenheit weather? You're in luck! has your ticket to this momentous occasion, and you never have to leave your computer! Tune in LIVE right now for our all-day coverage including photo galleries, video clips, and live streaming video of the event, so you won't miss a thing! Check it all out here!
    Speaking of history-makers, the staff of will be taking Monday Jan 19, 2009 off in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. See you bright and early on Tuesday!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 01/16/2009 4:57pm comments: 0
  • Hail, hail, 2009 is here! and so are the People's Choice Awards!

    Sorry for the lack of activity over the holiday break, but after the craziness of 2008, we were ready for some R and R. But now we're back and ready to kick off 2009 with a bang!

    Before we close out 2008 completely, though, it looks like some variation of the level bug hit the site right at the end of January. Things seem to be stabilized now, but if you still need your level adjusted back to its proper place, please post in this thread.

    Also, our intrepid news guru, Tim Surette, compiled a unique list of the Top 100 Everything of 2008 - don't forget to take a look and see how it matched up with your own list!

    And finally, the new year also means new shows. Don't forget to consult our Midseason Replacements 2009 to see what you should tune in for!

    UPDATE!!: The People have spoken! Check out our cool People's Choice Awards Feature. We've got an awesome photo gallery, video, sounds, smells, and all kinds of other great stuff. There might even be a loose Twinkie down in the cracks. Check it out!

    People's Choice
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 01/07/2009 10:58am comments: 0
  • Happy Holidays!

    Hiatuses. You know them as a fact of life on any TV show. No new episodes until next year. Well, will also be taking a little hiatus for the holidays, but we'll be back in full swing come January 5, 2009, after clearing out all the party streamers, banners, drinks, and confetti. We'll be around now and then to check on things and make sure things are functioning in our absence. And please remember that any messages or requests to staff or the site will take extra time.

    Congrats to all the winners in our Best of 2008 feature. Thanks to everyone who voted. And if you're wondering what to watch and look forward to next year, the Midseason Replacements feature is there for you.

    Please leave any and all feedback for the new design here.

    Any bugs you encounter should be posted here.

    Happy Holidays everyone!
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 12/22/2008 3:14pm comments: 0
  • Our New Look

    By now, you've probably noticed the massive overhaul on our site. Rest assured that all current information will still be available and that you'll be able to contribute to the guides, to the forums, and add your reviews as normal. In fact, we're calling out the fact that most of the content on was provided by, well, mostly by you guys. We're giving users easier access to new videos, a simpler way to talk about favorite shows, and an overview about what everyone else on the site thinks about the latest in TV. Think of it as an improved 'landing' page, giving you a snapshot of happenings on the site without having to search all over for information. The main purpose is to show new users that they're entering a thriving community of people much like themselves. Please note that comments made on the main page will get posted onto the accompanying forum for each featured show.

    Please leave any and all feedback for the new design here.

    Any bugs you encounter should be posted here.
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 12/16/2008 2:41pm comments: 0
  • Holidays 2008

    So Thanksgiving is over and hopefully the last of your leftovers is finally out of the fridge, just in time for all the wonderful parties and get-togethers for the holiday season. And get-togethers for the holidays means a lot of holiday-themed TV. Don't forget to check out our Holiday Specials feature for the latest scoop on what's airing this month. So you can spend your time between wrapping presents and decorating by checking out all these great shows.

    Lights, Camera, Community!

    Also new this week is our focus on one of our newest moderators and all-around great user: more_ncis_now. Be sure to check it out.

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 12/04/2008 5:12pm comments: 0
  • Thanksgiving Holiday!


    Does the holiday season start before Thanksgiving, as of Thanksgiving, or after Thanksgiving?

    Here at, the Thanksgiving holiday, at least, starts right about now, which means we'll be out of the office until Monday, December 1. While we'll be checking in variously between bites of turkey, tofurkey, and chicken in danmod's case, this means that PMs to us as well as submissions to guides without editors may not get looked at until next week. Thanks for your patience!

    And if you need a break from the endless gorging, the football games, or the family drama, why not take a second to check out our annual Best-Of feature for 2008. Vote for the shows, actors, episodes, dvds, and stories that you're most thankful for this past year, and see how your votes stack up with everyone else's!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 11/26/2008 1:56pm comments: 0
  • Site update!

    Novel Adventures: is proud to help host this Web original series starring Daphne Zuniga, Jolie Jenkins, Paola Turbay, and Ashley Williams. Tired of the same old, same old book clubs, the four decide that instead of just reading about interesting lives, they should go out and experience them too. Check out the episodes here.


    Latest bug fixes:

    - Removing your Favorite Shows/People should be working now!
    - PM boxes should now have operational Watch User/Ignore User links.
    - For editors: cast reordering tool is now available again, though there are lingering issues with the reordering the directors and crew on the show level.

    As always, please check the Redesign Feedback Forum and especially jaxiecracks' Bug Fixes list for all the latest updates, and more_ncis_now's awesome tips on working with the new layout.

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 11/11/2008 4:08pm comments: 4
  • Site Update

    Ask a Star:

    We have a couple of new forums in our Ask a Star section. For fans of The Office, we're interviewing Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery. And for Heroes fans, please feel free to leave questions for Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee, and Brea Grant. Both interviews are happening on Nov. 6th, so it's kind of late notice, but if you've ever wanted to know something about these actors, now's your chance!

    Ask The Office's Oscar Nunez and Kate Flannery
    Ask Heroes' Greg Grunberg, Masi Oka, James Kyson Lee, and Brea Grant

    PM Spams:

    We brought in the big guns for our tussle with those PM spammers. Actually our legal team sent a cease-and-desist to that website, so here's an update. If they've sent any spams past Oct. 23rd (the cut-off date), then can take further legal action. So if anyone still has PM spam, please keep reporting them for moderation. Don't worry if the spams in your box are before Oct. 23rd. We still need to get those accounts banned so they won't be able to use them again.


    We're getting rid of the gray! Text on most pages (person and show guides, the news page, blogs, and features) should now display as black and with larger font size. And work is still continuing on those bug fixes. Please check the Redesign Feedback Forum and especially jaxiecracks' Bug Fixes list for updates, and more_ncis_now's awesome tips on working with the new layout.

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 10/30/2008 11:09am comments: 10
  • Redesign Feedback Board

    We've relaunched our site, so what do you think? Any and all feedback for our new look can be shared on our Redesign Feedback Board.

    Redesign Feedback Board

    Also, user more_ncis_now has created a post in our User to User Help forum which includes some awesome tips on how to work with our new layout. Check it out.

    Working with Wide
    If you're still bothered by PM box spam, remember to do the following:

    1) Do not visit the advertised website (which may actually damage your computer) or respond to the PM. And please do not post the text of the PM in your blog, because that just gives these spammers even more free publicity.
    2) Do click on the upper-right hand link on the PM box, the one that reads Report Offensive Message. This will mark the PM for the site moderators to handle.
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/18/2008 11:13am comments: 161
  • hey, how's it going?

    Bothered by spam in your PM box from a user who wanted you to check out some new dating site? You weren't alone. If you have seen this in your PM box, please do the following:

    1) Do not visit the advertised website (which may actually damage your computer) or respond to the PM.
    2) Do click on the upper-right hand link on the PM box, the one that reads Report Offensive Message. This will mark the PM for the site moderators to handle.

    If everyone who received the PM does this, then the mods can suspend these users who dared to spam, and then staff can ban them from the site forever. Thanks for your cooperation, and our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might have caused.
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/12/2008 5:05pm comments: 77
  • Ask a Star: Survivor's Jeff Probst

    Survivor's seventeenth season is rapidly approaching, and the new contestants are getting ready to tackle the hardships of Gabon. To commemorate the start of the new season, is giving you (yes, YOU, users!) the opportunity to help interview Jeff Probst. Got any questions for the host of television's most popular reality show? Head on over to our Ask a Star forum and ask them. Please be sure to post your question before Wednesday, Sept. 24th and check back afterwards for the answers!

    Ask a Star: Jeff Probst

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/09/2008 11:56am comments: 7
  • Labor Day Holiday, Monday Sept 1

    While the rest of the world traditionally celebrates Labor Day in May, we in the U.S. like to do things a little differently, and celebrate in September. This means that Monday, September 1, the staff will be out of the office, celebrating the last hurrah of summer, and wearing white while we still can. Business will be back with a bang on Tuesday, though, as we usher in the new Fall season with not one but TWO chats! The Gossip Girl chat starts at 1 pm PDT, and the Prison Break chat will follow at 3 pm PDT – don't miss out!

    Have a safe long weekend everybody!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 08/29/2008 12:23pm comments: 27
  • Fall is just around the corner... and so are our CHATS!

    Just when you thought summer programming couldn't go on any longer, Fall previews, premieres, and pilots arrive! Get geared up for the new TV season with our Annual Fall Guide, which gives you the lowdown on the networks' complete fall schedules, and gives you the chance to tell what you'll be watching come September.

    Can't remember where your favorite show left off in May? Never fear – is here to give you a refresher with our Premiere Plots feature. Check it out for some handy recaps on the cliffhangers that left us, uh, hanging over the summer, and let us know which storylines you'll be eagerly awaiting, and which ones should get dumped.

    And of course, what would Fall be without some live chats? This year we'll be hosting 6 chats, including one for the heavily-buzzed J.J. Abrams baby, Fringe, so check out the schedule below and mark your calendars now!

    Fall Chat Schedule:
    Gossip Girl: Are Serena and Dan really over?
    Premiere: Monday September 1, at 8 pm
    Chat live with us on Tuesday, September 2 at 1 pm PDT!

    Prison Break: What happens now that Michael and Lincoln are separated?
    Premiere: Monday September 1 at 8 pm
    Chat live with us on Tuesday, September 2 at 3 pm PDT

    Fringe: Will it live up to the hype?
    Premiere: Tuesday September 9 at 8 pm
    Chat live with us on Wednesday, September 10 at 3 pm PDT

    Supernatural: Will Dean escape from Hell?
    Premiere: Thursday September 18 at 9 pm
    Chat live with us on Friday, September 19 at 3 pm PDT

    How I Met Your Mother: Will Stella say yes? And when is Britney coming back?
    Premiere: Monday September 22 at 8:30 pm
    Chat live with us on Tuesday September 23 at 1 pm PDT

    Heroes: Finally back on the air! Premiere: Monday September 22 at 8 pm
    Chat live with us on Tuesday September 23 at 3 pm PDT
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 08/12/2008 5:17pm comments: 61
  • Flippin' Through Comic-Con 2008

    Don't worry if you missed out on Tim Surette's continuous coverage of the San Diego Comic-Con last weekend. All the highlights are still available for your perusal, as well as an exclusive image gallery of pictures taken on the convention room floor.

    Panels covered include: Lost, Heroes, Spaced, The Big Bang Theory, Knight Rider, and Fringe. Check it out!

    Flippin' Through Comic-Con
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 07/30/2008 1:49pm comments: 6
  • Post YOUR questions for Sci Fi Channel stars to be answered at Comic Con! is headed to the San Diego Comic-Con and we need your help! Got a question for your favorite Sci Fi Channel stars? Post them in the threads in the "Ask the Stars" forums below. We'll choose the best ones out of the batch to ask the actors!

    Follow the links below to their respective shows in order to post your questions:

    Stargate Atlantis
    Ghost Hunters
    Battlestar Galactica

    Posted by Jaxiecracks 07/11/2008 6:04pm comments: 22


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