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  • Fourth of July!

    Friday is the Fourth of July, and and the staff will be celebrating with plenty of fireworks and barbecues. Since fire codes prevent us from setting off fireworks or barbecuing inside the building, we won't be in the office. Business will be back to usual on Monday!

    Have a safe long weekend everybody!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 07/03/2008 2:19pm comments: 28
  • Site Maintenance on Wednesday July 2 at 7 am PDT

    There will be a brief period of site maintenance Wednesday (7/2) morning at 7 am PDT, which may result in you seeing more of the above than usual. All other parts of the site will be functioning normally, but potentially missing a few images. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 07/01/2008 3:36pm comments: 23
  • Tim Kring Interview

    Yes, yes, our own Tim interviewed the other Tim - THE Tim, Tim Kring, creator of Heroes. You can find the interview HERE!
    Posted by danmod 06/27/2008 3:13pm comments: 8
  • Database Problems, Oi!

    Hi all. As you probably already know, we had some crazy DB problems last night. You may notice some threads missing, some forum topics, etc. This was all caused by the afformentioned craziness. Things should be getting back to normal now but there might be some after effects, so look out! If anyone has any major, heavy duty troubles, please let me know. Thanks!
    Posted by danmod 06/17/2008 10:09am comments: 31
  • More maintenance -- June 5, 1-3 am PDT

    The site will be undergoing some more maintenance in the wee hours of Thursday morning (June 5), from 1-3 am PDT. As with the last maintenance period, during this time, all users will be treated as logged out, which means no user subs, blogging, forum posting, etc., but you should still be able to access and read all areas of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 06/03/2008 4:06pm comments: 26
  • Finale Fanfare Chat - Lost

    So you watched the 2 hour season finale of Lost last night, right? Want to talk to your fellow users about it? Got a great theory about how it's all going to end? Need to vent about that final scene? Or about who didn't survive? Then drop by our Lost finale chat at 2PM PDT today to share your thoughts.

    This is our last chat for Finale Fanfare, so it's your final chance to to earn the spiffy little cruise ship emblem. See you there!
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/30/2008 10:25am comments: 8
  • Memorial Day Weekend and brief scheduled maintenance

    Hey everyone! The staff will be commemorating the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 26, and won't be in the offices. Please be patient as certain submissions to editorless guides and PMs to us won't be read over the long weekend. We'll be back on Tuesday! Also, the site will be undergoing some maintenance in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (May 27), from 1-3 am PDT. During this time, all users will be treated as logged out, which means no user subs, blogging, forum posting, etc., but you should still be able to access and read all areas of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    EDIT: The maintenance is done. Thank you for your patience. -Teivan

    Posted by Jaxiecracks 05/23/2008 3:26pm comments: 31
  • Two New Editorship Upgrades!

    Upgrade #1: Editorships will now transfer to users in real-time. So as soon as you reach the required number of points (remember, that's 40 points for a person guide and 80 points for a show guide), you will become editor for that guide. Pending editors no longer need to wait for the daily database update. Please note that although the transfer is instantaneous, it might take the site an hour or two to get the queue and forum moderation priviledges pushed over to your account.

    Upgrade #2: Editors now have access to the Cast Reordering Tool, which will allow them to rearrange the order of the cast and crew lists on their guides. More details about this new tool are included after the jump.

    Cast Reordering Tool

    To access the tool, simply go to the Cast tab on your guide, and at the top of the cast list, next to the Add button, you'll see a new button labeled Reorder. Clicking that button will bring up a new page, loading up all the cast or crew names on a single page. You can reorder the list in one of two ways: either by changing the numbers on the left-most field, or by clicking and dragging the names up or down. Changes won't be made to the guide until you click Commit. And as with the Episode Renumbering Tool, editors will not get any contribution points for changes made using the Cast Reordering Tool.

    Once again, please PM one of the community team (danmod, jaxiecracks, & nilla_chelle01) if you encounter any problems or have any questions. We're really excited to get these changes out to you!

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/14/2008 10:01am comments: 50
  • Finale Fanfare chats!

    The regular TV season is winding down (yes, already!), but never fear – Finale Fanfare chats are here! Join us this Friday for the first two of our chats to discuss The Office and Supernatural!

    Here's the full chat line-up:

    The Office chat on Friday May 16 at 2:00 pm PDT
    Supernatural chat on Friday May 16 at 3:00 pm PDT
    Gossip Girl chat on Tuesday May 20 at 2:00 pm PDT
    American Idol chat on Thursday May 22 at 2:00 pm PDT
    Lost chat on Friday May 30 at 2:00 pm PDT

    And don't forget to check out our full Finale Fanfare feature to see when your favorite shows are signing off for the summer!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 05/13/2008 4:40pm comments: 7
  • Brief Outage Scheduled for Monday, May 12th


    EDIT: This is completed, thanks for your patience. -Teivan

    Posted by danmod 05/09/2008 5:34pm comments: 14
  • New Video Player!

    Notice anything different about videos?

    That's right – we've switched to a new, in-page, flash-based video player for ALL our videos, making it easier for you to watch high-quality clips, leave comments, and find recent videos. You'll see this change throughout the site for our video clips, or you can always go straight to the Videos hub to check out our newest videos. Let us know what you think!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 04/29/2008 12:10pm comments: 14
  • "US" guides for imported shows

    Thanks to everyone who raised their concerns about duplicate guides for US broadcasts of foreign shows. Here's the plan going forward, but with room for more suggestions and improvement…

    (for a more detailed discussion of this issue, please see here.

    We originally created these second guides to distinguish between original and US airdates, and in response to American networks' requests to focus on the American broadcasts. However, this process understandably upset many of our users, international and American. Based on your comments and feedback, we've decided to implement the suggestion to keep the original guides, but change the airdates and network information to the US airdates. The show summary information should relate to the US broadcast, but can contain references to the original run of the show. You can also move notes about the original broadcast dates to the Notes section, so that this information isn't lost from the guide.

    We realize that this is not the perfect solution for the situation, and that this somewhat obscures information about the show's original run. We are still discussing more comprehensive solutions going forward, but hope that this can be a first step. Apologies for the uproar – we never intended to start a nationalistic debate! -- and for the confusion that the guides have caused. We're researching which shows are specifically affected by this stuff, and will contact the editors. If you have any questions about whether or not this affects your guide, or think it should affect another guide, please let us know.
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 04/18/2008 5:04pm comments: 34
  • The Premiere of our new Staff Blog!

    Have you ever looked at and thought "Hey, I bet the people who work on the site are really cool. I wonder what their thoughts are on pop culture, celebs, and all things television?" Well, you can wonder no more. Scene on TV is up and running! It's our new staff blog, featuring posts from main contributors Walter Morbeck (waltmor), Lila Holland (lilaholland), and Tim Surette (TimSpot) as well as guest contributions from the rest of staff.

    There's already a bunch of great content up on the blog so feel free to check it out, comment, and interact with us!

    That's Scene on TV, now airing on a computer screen near you.

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 03/18/2008 3:50pm comments: 39
  • The Interview That Almost Wasn't - Naoko Mori

    When word came down that I'd be interviewing Torchwood's Naoko Mori, AKA "Tosh", I was understandably excited. Torchwood, now in it's second season, is fast becoming one of the UK's hottest exports. For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it's an action packed, alien filled, Dr. Who spin-off in which all the characters are seemingly bi-sexual and snogging aliens is not an uncommon occurrence. Naoko plays "Toshiko Sato", AKA "Tosh", AKA "The Brains of the Operation." She's the gadget girl, a one woman Geek Squad who relates better to her computer than she does to her fellow team members. She's every nerds dream.

    Preparing for the interview was a snap. I spent an entire day catching up on season 2 with a sharp eye peeled on Tosh. Not a bad job, right? I jotted down some notes, some observations, and then I got smart and opened a forum for you guys to ask questions. Brilliant huh? You guys asked some awesome questions, naturally, and I knew I'd be going into this thing strong. The only thing left to do was make sure I didn't oversleep. And as luck would have it, I didn't oversleep.

    Here's how a typical phone interview works: A publicist calls your desk phone, introduces himself, talks up whichever celebrity you're about to interview, makes sure you pronounce their name correctly, gently guides you towards what you maybe, "should" be asking, and then patches you through. After a brief pause you hear, "Hello", and the interview is on. Now, a very important thing to remember is that you must turn on the Shoretel recording tool so later on you can send it to the transcription service. The transcription service will then send you a nice tidy interview you can quickly post up anywhere you like.

    My interview with Naoko was, I thought, pretty typical, and once I started recording, it was all smooth sailing. Naoko was really cool, down to earth, and the conversation flowed beautifully. I asked my questions, I asked your questions, heck, and I even made up a few on the spot! Things were going well I thought. We chatted for about a half an hour or so, I thanked her for her time, she thanked me for mine, and when we hung up, I was all giggly. That's when things took a turn for the really bad.

    The interview did not record. At first I thought I'd done something wrong but no, I hadn't, I followed the directions very carefully and was careful to make sure I was careful. This was, after all, a big interview. So I called IT and explained the situation. A co-worker told me IT could, in some cases, retrieve lost recordings from the Shoretel phone system and I was hoping for a miracle.

    The conversation went like this:

    Me: Hi, is there anyway you can find my interview?

    IT: What time did it start?

    Me: Around five after nine.

    IT: When did it end?

    Me: Around quarter to ten.

    IT: Ah...well, the thing is...we, uh, we reset the Shoretel servers at 9:25 this morning because we were having some trouble...

    Me: So it's gone?

    IT: It didn't record anything, yeah...

    Me: Oh dear.

    Right, so that was that. My interview was lost, I'd look like a fool if I called Naoko back and explained things, and I'd gotten up early for no reason. It wasn't the best start to a day but I knew I'd have to suck it up and try to get something out of the great interview no one would ever hear and I couldn't use quotes.

    This piece you are reading is what I've come up with and I hope you're enjoying it. In case you're wondering how Tosh felt about Owen's death in "Reset", I can tell you she felt pretty bad. According to Naoko, it's going to have a huge effect on the entire team. And just when Tosh was started to catch feelings for Owen, oi, the timing is terrible. But Tosh's character has grown since season 1. She's more confident now, more at ease in her own skin. We may be witnessing the birth of a stronger, more determined Tosh who believes in herself and understands how valuable she is to the team. Naoko and I agreed that's what seems to be happening.

    Owen may be down but is he out? We doubt it. This is Torchwood after all and death is no match for Torchwood. So what other relationships might be ripe for development this season? If you said Gwen you might be right. I can't tell you for certain because I forgot but it stands to reason that Gwen being the only other female on the team, a strong one at that, might be just the kind of role model Tosh could connect with. Naoko hinted at possible jealousy during season 1 could turn into a sort of admiration. Gwen of course, is the only character with a life outside of Torchwood, something Tosh has been missing for far too long.

    Now that I'm writing all this, it probably wouldn't have hurt to ask Naoko about retrieving the lost interview. I mean, she is pretty tech savvy herself. Don't quote me on this, or her for that matter, but I believe she mentioned something about being a bit of a geek. Pretty exciting, eh fellows?

    Oh, and I'm sorry to disappoint but there will be no musical episode. Yes, it's true that Naoko, John Barrowman did musical theater together once upon a time; and yes, Burn Gorman and Gareth David-Lloyd are musicians, but the idea of a musical episode, Naoko and I agreed - stinks. She didn't say it stinks, I did, but I'm pretty sure she agreed. We agreed on a lot of things actually. I should have asked if she was married.

    I ended the interview with a fantastic question. I asked, "Naoko, do you believe in UFOs?" She said she did believe in UFOs and took it a step further saying there had to be parallel universes, inter-dimensional beings, aliens, etc. etc. I was blown away, it was another thing we agreed upon. That made like forty things! You can't quote me on that, or her on that, because the interview was lost in the depths of the Shoretel universe where some interviews go and never return.

    Or was it a time rift? Could it be that the rift opened and swallowed my interview? I don't think I'll ever know. You'll have to take my word for all this because that's all you can do. I have no back up, no evidence to support my story but I give you my word it is the truth as I remember it. If you happen to be one of those lucky people who are friends with Naoko you can ask her, she'll vouch for me. And if you do talk to her, see if she'll give me another interview.

    Posted by danmod 03/11/2008 11:07am comments: 5
  • Wondercon 2008

    It was a rainy and windy weekend in San Francisco, but that didn't stop comic book and pop culture fans from swarming into the Moscone Convention Center for Wondercon. Naturally, was there too, and footage is starting to appear on our Video hub. Check out the Between Takes interviews with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summer Glau, X-Files creator Chris Carter, Jericho's Alicia Coppola and more!

    I had the distinct honor of attending the con as well, and I've already put up a couple of blogs about the stuff I saw. On Friday night, I was in the crowd during the screening of Appleseed: Ex Machina, a direct-to-DVD computer-generated anime movie. One word to describe it: awesome. On Saturday, I sat in on the Chowder panel, where show creator C.H. Greenblatt talked at length about the popular Cartoon Network series.

    There's more stuff to come, so feel free to track my profile, and be sure to check our Wondercon feature (a joint production between and Movietome) for more exciting stuff from the con!

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 02/27/2008 4:08pm comments: 8
  • Forums outage TONIGHT 2/26 at 10 pm PDT

    Forums will be down tonight (2/26) for database maintenance. The outage will start at 10 pm PDT, and will last about an hour, but the rest of the site should be functioning as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 02/26/2008 2:49pm comments: 12
  • Valentine's Day Hook-up Results Posted!

    Not a lot of us are lucky at love, but that shouldn't stop us from playing matchmaker with famous TV characters. Our Valentine's Day Hookup feature is up and running, and we're giving you a chance to vote on who you want to get together with five different stars. Believe you can think up a great match for Peter Petrelli from Heroes or Izzie Stevens from Grey's Anatomy? Vote on their perfect partner and we'll reveal the results on Valentine's Day. You only have a couple of days left to vote, so hurry!

    Is there any TV character you can think of who has a perfect match and isn't listed on our poll? Share your ideas in the comments!

    UPDATE: And the results have been posted! See if the rest of shares your matchmaking sensibilities, or if you're the only real Cupid!
    Posted by nilla_chelle01 02/12/2008 11:22am comments: 9
  • Calling SF/Bay Area Users!!

    Hey guys, here's the deal - we need some SF/Bay Area users to come on down to the CNet building and help our Marketing team with a project they're working on. Who's interested? Just send me a PM and I'll give you the details. Don't delay!
    Posted by danmod 02/04/2008 3:29pm comments: 18
  • Update your links!

    As you know, CNET's FilmSpot site became MovieTome late last year. Now, along with the name change, the address is also changing permanently to As of January 31, 2008, will NOT bring you back to MovieTome, so please be sure to change any bookmarks and links that may still contain the lead, particularly if you've linked to film pages on MovieTome in your guides. And remember, come straight to instead!
    Posted by Jaxiecracks 01/29/2008 12:40pm comments: 19


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