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  • Office Closed Monday, January 21

    Hi all,

    Just a heads up, our office will be closed this coming Monday, January 21. Hope you all enjoy the three day weekend!


    Posted by etong87 01/18/2013 10:54am comments: 8
  • Site Update 1/8

    Hi all,

    Welcome back from the holidays! Hope everyone had a wonderful time .

    We have a small update for you guys today - autocomplete in site search now works everywhere across the site including the forums, news & people hub, and all edit pages (show, people, etc).

    If you haven't seen it yet, here's our handy-dandy 2013 Midseason Premieres Calendar. Have your favorite shows come back to air? Join in the discussion of your favorite shows in the Episode Discussion Streams.

    Which midseason premieres are you looking forward to most? I'm super excited for Shameless, Pretty Little Liars, and Game of Thrones!


    Posted by etong87 01/08/2013 2:03pm comments: 9
  • Office Closed

    Hi all,

    Just want to give everyone a heads up that our offices will be closed next week (Dec 24th-28th), and on Monday and Tuesday the following week (Dec 31st and Jan 1st). We will be back in the office Wednesday, January 2nd.

    We wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

    What are your plans for the holidays? I'm heading down to LA to spend time with my family!

    - Edlyn

    Posted by etong87 12/21/2012 11:23am comments: 19
  • UPDATE: Returning to Air Text


    Small update for you all - now shows without a banner image will also display the returning to air text.

    Please let me know if you have any question.


    Posted by etong87 12/11/2012 2:54pm comments: 3
  • Ratings Sort, User Blog Downloads Removed

    Hi all,

    Here are a few updates we have for you:

    Ratings Sort

    - When you sort episodes by ratings in the collapsed view, you will now see the season number along with the episode number.

    User Blog Update
    - We are removing the user blog download link Thursday, December 6, so if you haven't yet, download the blogs now!

    UPDATE 12/6: User blog download links have been removed.


    Posted by etong87 12/04/2012 3:24pm comments: 16
  • UPDATES: Shows Hub and Comments Improvements

    Shows Hub

    - We've improved the show hub, allowing you to browse by movies and web series.
    - We've added more categories on the left side of the page to help you find your favorite shows, movies and web series faster.

    Comments Improvements
    - Threaded comments now go 5 levels deep
    - We've added a new sorting feature to view the most popular comments, measured by the number of thumbs up.

    Thanks, and please let us know what you think!

    Posted by etong87 11/27/2012 2:27pm comments: 27
  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Hi all,

    Just a heads up, we will be out of the office starting Thursday, November 22. We will be back on Monday the 26th.

    We hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!


    Posted by etong87 11/21/2012 9:53am comments: 11
  • News Comment Notifications

    Hi all,

    Some of you may have noticed, but you will now be getting notifications for replies made to your comments in news stories:

    As you can see,
    some users are very excited about this.

    Happy Commenting!

    Posted by etong87 11/15/2012 4:49pm comments: 5
  • Personalized TV Listings


    You will already see some of your favorite shows on the right hand column of our homepage if you've been marking them off in our daily What to Watch articles.

    But now you can also add shows directly to your "Shows I'm Watching" list via the homepage module in the right hand column. If the show airs tonight (new or re-runs) you'll see the listing appear immediately.

    You can always add or remove shows from your list by finding it in the site header dropdown - just look for the Star icon.


    Bonus Poll: In honor of Movember, we want to know: whose famous TV mustache is your all-time favorite?

    Posted by etong87 11/09/2012 2:30pm comments: 6
  • Site Updates: Movie Editorship and Threaded Comments

    Now LIVE:

    Movie Editorship
    - We realized that 50 points for movie editorship is a bit steep. We've analyzed what info is missing from the guides and how many points someone can realistically get by filling in that information. With that, we've decided to decrease the points for movie editorship down to 20. Happy editing!

    Coming soon:

    Episode Discussion/List Comments
    - We're adding in a second level of comment threading. You will be able to reply to replies in the episode discussion stream and in lists.

    FYI - Several shows are not airing new episodes this week due to the hurricane hitting the east coast. If your shows are affected, please change the air dates accordingly. Thanks and we hope all you east coasters are staying safe!

    - Edlyn

    Are you dressing up as a TV character for Halloween? Send us your pics!

    Posted by etong87 10/29/2012 4:40pm comments: 9
  • Happy Halloween!

    What are your plans for Halloween? Are you going to get dressed up?

    Here's our very own JessicaKroeber dressed as Amy Pond from Doctor Who!

    And here's our own TeddyWilkinsas Psy doing it Gangnam Style:

    If you don't know what you're going to wear yet, here are a few quick and easy suggestions:

    Have any extra Hazmat suits laying around? You can dress as Walt or Jesse from Breaking Bad!

    Throw on a tie and jacket, find a fake mustache (or grow a real one) and you've got yourself Ron Swanson:

    Take off the mustache and throw on a bow tie, now you're the Doctor!

    Throw on a track suit, grab a megaphone or a whistle and you can be Sue Sylvester from Glee.

    Have a tiara? Put it on with a pink dress and you can dress as Honey Boo Boo!

    We want to see your Halloween pics! We'll post ours next week .

    Happy Halloween!

    Posted by etong87 10/26/2012 4:57pm comments: 4
  • LIVE: Show Status Update, Notifications, and More

    Simplified the show status field in the edit form.

    - If a show is airing, it should be marked "In Season", if a show is between seasons or on hiatus, it should be marked "Between Seasons", and if a show hasn't started airing yet, it should be marked "Hasn't Aired". Please let me know if you have any questions on what to mark a show.

    Notifications and New Icons
    You'll see three icons at the top right of the site header:
    --An envelope for PMs
    --A pencil for Mod Queue alerts
    --A flag for site notifications
    What triggers site notifications:
    --When someone replies to your Episode discussion comment
    --When someone comments on your list

    We're starting with a few cases and we plan to add more over time. What else would you like to get notified about?
    Also, we've combined our existing Account + List dropdowns to make things simpler

    Listings Search
    You will be able to search for shows in the listings page.

    Please let us know what you think!


    PUBLICATION UPDATE: The issue has been fixed. All your submissions should be processing in normal time now. Thanks!

    Posted by etong87 10/24/2012 3:35pm comments: 22
  • Submission Issue

    Hi all,

    We've been experiencing issues processing blurb (trivia, quotes, etc.) and people pages submissions. This issue has been fixed. Unfortunately, all of these types of submissions made between noon yesterday, October 18, till today around 1:30 PM today (PST) have been lost. You will need to resubmit the information. If you aren't sure whether or not your submission went through - please contact me.

    Editors - You may have noticed submissions in your queue that have been showing up blank. This is a related issue. Please reject all blank submissions and PM the user letting them know what's happened. Feel free to link them to this post. Also, all blurb and people page submissions that editors have made to their shows during the same time frame have not been saved. You will have to resubmit that information as well.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. Apologies for the inconvenience.


    Posted by etong87 10/19/2012 2:12pm comments: 25
  • Cool New Stuff

    UPDATE: Editors - You will be noticing blank submissions in your queue. We are working on a fix for this - I will keep you all updated. Thank you for your patience.

    What to Watch Tonight

    - Some of you may have noticed our new What to Watch Tonight stories. You can select what shows you're watching, and they automatically auto-populate for you to add as a comment. These episodes go automatically to your watch history.

    Re-Casting Game

    Have you been playing our re-casting games? We just created Modern Family and It's Always Sunny casting games for you guys to try out.

    Episode Discussion Stream

    Thanks for all of you that have participated in the episode discussion streams. Make sure to check out tonight's episodes and join in!


    Posted by etong87 10/11/2012 9:30am comments: 6
  • LIVE: New Listings Page, Cast & Crew Update (New Crew Roles), & More

    UPDATE:Blurb re-ordering is working now. Thank you for your patience.

    New Listings Page

    - Faster loading time
    - Filter by favorite shows and networks
    - Finds schedule using your zip code
    - View episode summary straight from listings page

    Cast & Crew Tool

    - Crew role searchable via autocomplete
    - Organized by department
    - Many new roles added from your suggestions

    Sort Episodes by Ratings
    - In the episode guide view, you can sort episodes (per season) by their ratings

    Thanks and please let us know what you think!

    Posted by etong87 10/03/2012 11:20am comments: 26
  • 5 Shows You Want to See On the Big Screen

    Hi all,

    Now that we have movies on the site, we want to know: what are 5 shows you'd like to see on the big screen? Should it be a reboot or a sequel? Should it feature the same actors or would you prefer a complete recast? Send us your list and discuss in the comments!

    - Edlyn

    Posted by etong87 09/25/2012 11:41am comments: 17
  • Now LIVE: New Cast & Crew Search Tool and Episode Page Improvements

    UPDATE: Blurb reordering has been fixed. Thanks.

    New Cast & Crew Search Tool

    - Much faster
    - People images included
    - Able to search actor with character names and aliases
    - Able to search single name actors (Iman, Madonna, etc.)

    Episode Page Improvements
    - Countdown clock added to all episodes prior to air date
    - New Episode Discussion feature

    --- Located under Episode Summary prior to episode airing and day of air
    --- To prevent any spoilers, we are moving the feature further down the page after the episode has aired.
    - Embedded video clips will be seen on episode pages when available.

    Thanks and please let us know what you think!

    Posted by etong87 09/19/2012 2:10pm comments: 47
  • Now LIVE: List Comments, Favorites and Profile Page Improvements, and More!

    1. Comments on Lists

    - We've seen a ton of great lists from you all and now you'll have a chance to add your feedback via comments!
    - You'll also be able to comment on completed re-casting games.

    2. Favorites Fixes
    - We've upped the limit of favorites viewable from the header dropdown menu to 250.
    - There is no cap on your overall favorites list.

    3. Improved Profile Stability
    - Those of you that were having issues seeing your profile pages will see improvements. However, some subpages on your profile will still be difficult to load. We're going to continue to make improvements on this.
    - We're in the process of planning our new profile pages and we hope to have more to share with you soon!

    4. Coming Later This Month
    - We're working on a new cast & crew search tool! It'll be significantly faster and more refined. You'll be able to search single names such as Char and Usher.


    Posted by etong87 09/12/2012 11:32am comments: 28
  • Favorites List Issues

    Hi all,

    We've had reports that some users are having issues with missing or deleted shows on their Favorites list. Please know that we're aware of the issue and are looking into it right now.

    UPDATE: A fix has been put into place. Those affected should check their Favorites lists again. Please comment or report to me (nilla_chelle01) if you're still missing any shows. Thanks!

    - Michelle

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 09/10/2012 4:38pm comments: 15
  • Now Live: Movies, Re-Casting Game, and More!

    UPDATE 9/5: You all should now be able to access PMs, the mod queue, post in forums, etc. You may still be seeing issues with your profile pages - we are still working on that. Thanks.

    UPDATE 9/1
    : Several of you may be experiencing issues logging in/viewing various pages on the site. We are aware of these issues and are working on a fix. I will keep you all updated on our progress. Thank you for your patience.

    Hi all,

    Movies, re-casting game, and the watched button on episode pagesare now live! We are launching the re-casting game with these 10 shows and movies:

    Breaking Bad
    How I Met Your Mother
    Sex and the City

    Mean Girls
    American Pie
    The Breakfast Club

    The re-casting game can be found in the cast & crew module:

    We will be adding many more shows and movies in the near future! What shows or movies would you like to re-cast? Let us know in the comments! Also, please share your re-casts - we'd like to see them .


    Posted by etong87 08/28/2012 1:55pm comments: 109


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