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  • Movies, Re-Casting Game, and more!

    Hi all,

    We have exciting new features coming our way Tuesday 8/28:


    We're excited to announce that starting tomorrow you'll be able to find brand new movie pages on

    - You will be able to add and edit data for thousands of movies including the summary, release year, rating, duration, cast & crew, trivia, quotes, etc.
    - 50 points will earn you an editorship.
    - Movies will be available in search and in Related modules on Show and Web series pages.
    - People pages will be updated to list Movie credits as well, for a more complete resume of their work!

    Re-Casting Game

    Now for something really fun - here's your chance to play the Casting Director for some of your favorite TV shows and movies! If you could re-cast a show or movie, which new actors would you want to see instead?

    We're starting with 10 of our favorites, but we'll be adding the game to many more shows and movies in the near future. What shows or movies would you like to re-cast? What show should *never* be re-made? Shout them out in the comments!

    Watched Button on Episode Pages

    You'll now see "I've Watched This" buttons on every show, movie, web series, and episode page on the site. They'll allow you to keep a comprehensive list of everything you've ever seen, saved to your new "Watch History" list. You'll have the option of sharing what you're watching with your friends on Facebook, which you can easily turn off with the "Social Sharing" option in the site header.

    Thanks and please let us know what you think!


    Posted by etong87 08/27/2012 12:42pm comments: 12
  • The Top Shows of the Community Are...

    Hi all,

    Thanks for sharing your top 5 favorite shows with us! We really enjoyed reading through your lists - you all watch some pretty awesome shows. And you guys watch such a wide range of shows! Of all the lists submitted, there were only 2 shows that more than of you had in your top 5! They are: Doctor Who and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Have you watched? You might want to check them out!


    Posted by etong87 08/15/2012 2:24pm comments: 20
  • Top 5 Shows of All Time

    Hi all,

    We want to hear from you: what are your top 5 favorite shows of all time? Make your list and post it here - check back Wednesday, August 15th to see a list of top shows from the community! Haven't you always wondered what everyone's ACTUALLY watching?

    And congratulations to Toccado for winning our Lists Contest. Your list of 10 TV actors I would like to join me in hell definitely got the biggest laugh from us. Shout-out to our runners up skeeter291 and Gislef for your awesome lists! Thank you all for participating.

    Looking forward to seeing your favorite shows!

    Posted by etong87 08/08/2012 10:02am comments: 37
  • Blog Downloads, Lists, and Person Pages Videos - Live!

    Hi everyone,

    We're excited to announce that blog downloads, Lists, and videos on person pages are now live! In addition to making lists of shows and people, you can also add episodes and photos to your lists! And, you can add shows/episodes/photos to your lists straight from those pages under favorites. Enjoy and please let us know if you have any questions.

    Here are some lists made by me, Jessica, Michelle, Ellen, Cameron, and Teddy to give you all some ideas. Do you watch any of the same shows as us?

    : Leave a link to your lists in the comments and we will pick out the funniest/most creative one. The winner will receive a t-shirt! Last day to submit is Tuesday, August 7th.

    Good Luck!

    Posted by etong87 07/31/2012 11:32am comments: 52
  • Issues With Episode Guides - FIXED

    UPDATE: All these issues have been fixed. Thanks.

    Hi all,

    You may have noticed that some shows' episodes are missing from their guides. Rest assured no data has been lost. Also, for some shows, the latest season isn't opened by default. We are looking into these issues and will update you all when everything is fixed.


    Blog downloads, Lists, and person page videos will go live tomorrow, July 31.

    Posted by etong87 07/30/2012 12:22pm comments: 10
  • Blog Downloads, Lists, and more!

    Hi everyone,

    We have some new updates coming our way TUESDAY, July 31 we are excited to share with you all:

    1. User Blog Downloads
    To download your blog posts and comments, you have to be logged in. You'll see a link to download a file containing both an .html and .xtml file at the top of your profile.

    2. Lists!
    Favorites have long been one of the most popular features on We're now allowing you to create custom lists of your favorite shows, web series and people. Top 10 Sitcoms? Underrated Actors? We know you've got some great lists to share.

    You can:

    -Access your Lists at any time from the website header
    -View your Favorites in TV schedule format - never miss an episode (or a re-run) again!
    -Vote on lists on by other users.
    -Copy any user's lists and edit it with your own picks

    You will notice lists with movies in them and that you can add movies to your own. Movies are coming up very soon and we will have all the details at that time. Stay tuned!

    3. A new "Watch Online" tab for People Pages

    You can now view a video list (both full episodes and clips) of all appearances made by an actor, whether they're the star of a show or a guest on a talk show.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.


    Posted by etong87 07/26/2012 3:14pm comments: 21
  • Submitting and Moderating is Back Up

    Hi all,

    Everything should be back up. Thank you for your patience.


    Posted by etong87 07/24/2012 9:33am comments: 10
  • Forums Down

    UPDATE: Everything is back up and running. Thank you for your patience.

    Hi everyone,

    You may have noticed that all show and people forums are empty. We are working to get the information restored. Rest assured none of your data has been lost. We will update you all when the forums are back up.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 07/20/2012 9:39am comments: 23
  • Site Updates IV

    **Updates are now live. Reminder: A downloadable file of your blog and blog comments will be available for you tentatively on July 30th.

    Hi everyone,

    We have a few updates coming up this Thursday we want to share with you all:

    - The ability to add then import credits in the cast/crew tool has been fixed.
    - All quotes submitted before the tool redesign will have line breaks:

    - When you scroll down to the bottom of a news story, a recent story suggestion module will appear so you can keep up with the latest in TV news:

    - Posting and commenting in user blogs will be disabled. We are planning to have a downloadable (.xtml and .html) file of all your blogs and blog comments available for you tentatively on July 30th. At that time, blog content will no longer be visible on the site.

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 07/17/2012 1:08pm comments: 19
  • User Blogs

    Hi all,

    As we improve we are focusing our engineering efforts on the features you are using the most. Because user profile blogging is a feature that gets very low usage we will be shutting it down over the next month. We are in the early stages of planning new profile pages and we're excited to share more with you soon.

    Next week, posting and commenting will be disabled on user blogs. A downloadable file of all your blogs and blog comments will be available at a later date. The following messaging will be added to the top of all user blogs:

    We will update you all with more specific dates soon. Thanks and please let us know if you have any questions.

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 07/09/2012 10:31am comments: 112
  • Happy Fourth of July!


    Just want to give everyone a heads up that we will all be out of the office tomorrow for the fourth of July. I will be out of the office Thursday and Friday as well so please send all inquiries to Jessica or Michelle during that time.

    We hope you all have a great holiday!


    Posted by etong87 07/03/2012 10:35am comments: 16
  • Web Series, Show Banner Images, and More!

    Updates are now live!

    Hi all,

    We're excited to announce that on Thursday 6/21 we are launching web series on What is a web series? If it's listed on, it is high quality, short-form television. Many web series receive high profile online releases (ie: Yahoo's Burning Love) and feature big name Hollywood stars that should be indexed on and listed in actors' credits. Here's some additional info:

    - Web series can include: narratives, docu-series, serial reality shows and even talk shows airing first and exclusively online.
    - Web series will be available in search and you'll see them pop up in the Related Shows module.
    - You can become the editor of web series! You need 50 points to become editor.

    Also coming our way tomorrow are show banner images:

    We've included a countdown clock to the premiere for shows that are yet to air:

    Please let us know if you have any questions!
    Edlyn (etong87)

    Note: All Netflix links are back up and running.

    Posted by etong87 06/20/2012 4:04pm comments: 45
  • Netflix Links Broken

    Hi all,

    Would like to let you know that there's currently an issue with our links to Netflix not working. We're working on this and the links will be back within a few days. Thanks!

    - Michelle

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 06/19/2012 4:04pm comments: 0
  • New Photo Viewer

    [EDIT June 19]- Hey all, Just a quick heads-up that Netflix links aren't working on the site right now, but we're working on a fix and they'll be back in a few days. Thanks! - Michelle

    Photo Viewer is now live!

    Hi all,

    We are excited to announce that this week, we are launching a new Photo Viewer experience in show, people, and episode photos. We'll give you a heads up when it's live!

    You can now leave comments on photos, share them, and rate them. The left and right arrows navigate you through the photos, and the escape key exits you from the viewer.

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 06/05/2012 10:40am comments: 25
  • Jessica Vacation Update

    Hi everyone!

    I just wanted to let you all know that I will be out of the office Thursday & Friday of this week. I'm heading to Vegas for a few days (I've never been!). Next week, I will be out of the office for some work-related meetings on Tuesday (June 5th), Wednesday (June 6th), & Friday (June 8th).

    I will be responding to all PMs on Monday & Thursday of next week, but if you need assistance in the meantime, please contact Edlyn (etong87) or Michelle (nilla_chelle01).



    Posted by jessicakroeber 05/30/2012 12:10pm comments: 8
  • New Trivia, Notes, Quotes, and Allusions Modules

    *Updates are now live!

    Hi all,

    Here's what we have coming our way tomorrow:

    - A new trivia, notes, quotes, and allusions module will be added to episode overview pages to display all entries.

    - A trivia, notes, quotes, and allusions module will be added to episode pages on our mobile site.

    Please let us know what you think!

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 05/21/2012 12:04pm comments: 37
  • Site Updates, Bug Fixes, and Mobile Announcement!


    We've made a few updates to the site that we're excited to let you guys know about!

    First off, if you have not seen our updates from earlier today, we have fixed many bugs you reported recently, including those involving the submission moderation queue and the episode reorder tool. You can see all the details here. We have also fixed two issues that were causing duplicate entries for stars to appear on some show pages and Guest Star, Cameo, and Special Guest Star roles not to appear in the Cast & Crew tool.

    We have introduced a new design in the Cast & Crew module on episode pages. Whenever there are Guest Stars, Cameos, or Special Guest Stars on the episode level, you will see them appear above the regular stars. It will be more clear very soon which ones are Guest Stars, and which are Cameos or Special Guest Stars.

    We'll also be rolling out a new design for the Trivia, Quotes, Notes, & Allusions section very soon. We will update you on that when we know more information!

    A new, mobile!

    If you're on an iPhone or Android phone, we've got a treat. You can now point your mobile browser to and view a new version of the site optimized for your smaller screen.

    - Homepage What to Watch carousel, latest News, Popular and Trending shows
    - Mobile optimized News posts with comments
    - Show and Episode pages with full Episode Guides, Cast & Crew lists, Rating, Reviews and Photos
    - People pages with full credit lists

    We will continue to add new features to our mobile site over time, so we'd love your feedback in the comments.


    Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/10/2012 8:37am comments: 75
  • Episode Reorder Tool Issue

    EDIT 05/09:

    - The issue with the reordering tool not being accessible is now fixed.

    - There was an issue where you couldn't access your preferences/favorites window when on certain pages (particularly profile pages and the forums page). This should now be working.

    - On your profile, the Submission Status page should have the dropdown menus again.

    - Editing the bio for a person guide should now work fine. The "Array" error has been fixed.

    - For editors, the Accept/Reject buttons on submission moderation queues should now be working normally again.

    There now seems to be an issue with forum posting which we're looking into. As always, please let us know if you encounter any errors.

    - Michelle


    It has been brought to our attention that there is an issue with the Episode Reorder Tool. At this time, it is not working properly & you may not be able to reorder episodes. We have identified a fix, and we should have it up in a day or two. I will keep you updated when I find out any more information!



    EDIT: We're aware that some editors may have issues with their submission queues which may be ongoing for the rest of the day. We're looking at getting this fixed soon as well.

    Posted by nilla_chelle01 05/08/2012 9:32am comments: 28
  • Edlyn Vacation Update

    Hi all,

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that I will be out of the office Monday through Wednesday of next week. (I'm going to New York!) During that time, please send all inquiries to Michelle (nilla_chelle01). I will be back in the office Thursday, 5/10 and will be checking my PMs again then!

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 05/04/2012 11:37am comments: 7
  • Site Updates III

    Updates are now live!

    Hi all,

    We have some very exciting updates scheduled for tomorrow:

    - People search is returning to the site!
    - You will be able to import credits from the show level, or any previous episode in the season.
    *NOTE: We've removed the "Select All" button for lists greater than 100 people.

    - You will be able to delete episodes via a check box in the episode form. This requires editor moderation. You will also be able to submit shows for deletion, which is moderated by staff.

    Please let us know what you think!

    Edlyn (etong87)

    Posted by etong87 04/30/2012 10:36am comments: 56


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