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Forums outage TONIGHT 2/26 at 10 pm PDT

Forums will be down tonight (2/26) for database maintenance. The outage will start at 10 pm PDT, and will last about an hour, but the rest of the site should be functioning as usual. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted by Jaxiecracks 02/26/2008 2:49pm comments: 12


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  • ok thanks for teelin us

  • Bugga and it's the day my account got activated:( oh well :(

  • And just when I finally got online too. Ah well, it's only an hour. We'll survive!

  • Darn, I usually browse the boards at night when I get home from work, before going to bed. Oh well, thanks for the heads-up.

  • Thanks for the warning Jaxie. :D

  • thanks for the warning. I'll be sleeping though, so it's all good!

  • It's already over -- this message was posted yesterday.


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