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Wondercon 2008

It was a rainy and windy weekend in San Francisco, but that didn't stop comic book and pop culture fans from swarming into the Moscone Convention Center for Wondercon. Naturally, was there too, and footage is starting to appear on our Video hub. Check out the Between Takes interviews with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Summer Glau, X-Files creator Chris Carter, Jericho's Alicia Coppola and more!

I had the distinct honor of attending the con as well, and I've already put up a couple of blogs about the stuff I saw. On Friday night, I was in the crowd during the screening of Appleseed: Ex Machina, a direct-to-DVD computer-generated anime movie. One word to describe it: awesome. On Saturday, I sat in on the Chowder panel, where show creator C.H. Greenblatt talked at length about the popular Cartoon Network series.

There's more stuff to come, so feel free to track my profile, and be sure to check our Wondercon feature (a joint production between and Movietome) for more exciting stuff from the con!

Posted by nilla_chelle01 02/27/2008 4:08pm comments: 8


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  • The interviews were great. Thanks so much for posting about them.

  • Is there any [i]Heroes[/i] or [i]Firefly[/i]/[i]Serenity[/i] content?

  • COOL!

  • My brother and I were there on Sunday only but I didn't see anyone or any booths marked as being from so we must've missed you guys. Oh well.


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