The Premiere of our new Staff Blog!

Have you ever looked at and thought "Hey, I bet the people who work on the site are really cool. I wonder what their thoughts are on pop culture, celebs, and all things television?" Well, you can wonder no more. Scene on TV is up and running! It's our new staff blog, featuring posts from main contributors Walter Morbeck (waltmor), Lila Holland (lilaholland), and Tim Surette (TimSpot) as well as guest contributions from the rest of staff.

There's already a bunch of great content up on the blog so feel free to check it out, comment, and interact with us!

That's Scene on TV, now airing on a computer screen near you.

Posted by nilla_chelle01 03/18/2008 3:50pm comments: 39


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  • Well, if I'm being honest... no. I'd rather see them busy working on fixing the problems with the site. However, it does sound like it might be cool, so I'll check it out.

  • Are you going to add this to the available RSS feeds?

  • It's like they read my mind.

  • Sounds interesting. I like the fact that it is text-based and not in video format. Many times I just don't have the time to wait for video features to load. It'll be much easier to browse through a blog.

  • LOL, I think it's a fine idea and look forward to community staff proving they are "cool"... :D There is no evidence that community staff does anything more than send reports to tech staff, so I'm not going to link this to any complaining about site bugs.

  • I've never heard of [b]TimSpot[/b], though. Is he new?

  • Cool. Thanks for the announcement. It looks like you guys have been doing this for awhile and I didn't know it. :)

  • I've never seen the user name TimSpot before but I have seen Tim Surette's byline in many news articles over the past year. I think he has been working for GameSpot even longer than that. I also noticed that he was one of the TV journalists that was invited for a private tour of the Battlestar Galactica set last year. Now don't you think the guide editor should have been invited along too? :( Nah, just kidding, sort of. ;)

  • No, I agree, actually. When are the studios going to realize that it's actually us "peons" here that are controlling the information that appears in these guides and mobilizing the fanbase, and if they really want support, then it's *us* they need to provide favors to?

  • Great concept and blog stories. Keep them coming.

  • i never thought like that but this may be good idea

  • I like it - keep it coming. Especially loved the semi-review of Oprah.

  • I'm a sucker for new features bring it on!

  • More things to read about the entertainment world so I am happy :)

  • Why can't they just put their thought in their own blogs like the rest of us?

  • Nice, it's like's version of the Best Week Ever blog! Scrolling down the current blogs, I noticed that you could put up YouTube videos... but wasn't there some kind of something (like bugs) that prevented from doing stuff like that?


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