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Notice anything different about videos?

That's right – we've switched to a new, in-page, flash-based video player for ALL our videos, making it easier for you to watch high-quality clips, leave comments, and find recent videos. You'll see this change throughout the site for our video clips, or you can always go straight to the Videos hub to check out our newest videos. Let us know what you think!
Posted by Jaxiecracks 04/29/2008 12:10pm comments: 14


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  • It's nice, but once you click on a video, you're taken away from the list. I think it would be nice if all the videos for the guide appeared in the list that's on the right hand side of the page so you don't have to go back to the guide page to find the next video.

  • Very nice feature, keep up the good work :D

  • Hmm... does this eliminate the "this content is not available" video error that people were complaining about? Neat feature, but I've never really used the site videos. I'm still on dialup at home.

  • I actually did notice this and I'm glad for this feature. Good job

  • No Agent_0042, it doesn't, I've just checked.

  • Interesting... How exactly does this relate to the "we haven't the resources or time to implement the simple addition of a new field for US airdates" picture that was painted, what, a couple of weeks ago? Clearly you've got more time/resources than you let on, if you're able to implement a whole new video system...

  • an excellent update to the site. Well done & keep them coming.

  • Yes yes, well done. But I'm still missing the ability to download my own videos :(.

  • As of today, the "content is currently unavailable" error is still present, at least on the guide for "CSI: NY."


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