Brief Outage Scheduled for Monday, May 12th


EDIT: This is completed, thanks for your patience. -Teivan

Posted by danmod 05/09/2008 5:34pm comments: 14


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  • Thanks for the heads up, danmod. Hmm...I didn't even realize Mother's Day was Monday. Thanks for that as well. I'd wish you one, but you're not a mom. :D Have a happy Monday.

  • Thanks for the warning but where was the heads up for todays outage, this morning between 11 AM and Noon (Eastern).

  • Thanks for the heads up. I'll be sleeping at that time. :P

  • Okay but what's that in UK time? Plus we had Mother's Day in March, it always falls on my mother's birthday or very close to it.

  • Thanks :D

  • Damn, that's a pain, my prime submitting time normally. Oh well, I'll have to be content with doing real work... ;)

  • Thanks for letting us know :D

  • I'll try to sleep in :D Thanks for telling us.

  • I'll be sleeping!

  • Oh no! I might actually have to go to bed at a reasonable hour!

  • Oh wait, I'll be at school :lol:

  • dont care thats during school. happy mothers day!:)


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